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How Important Is Corporate Wellness Programs

Published at 02/26/2012 18:25:16


Large and small businesses alike have started to see the value and utility of corporate wellness programs and have implemented them as best as they can. All studies and surveys that have dealt with the topic have showed positive results of corporate wellness programs on employees.

Importance of Corporate Wellness programs

It is common sense that if employees feel better physically, they will be able to work better and this will lead to gains and profits for the company. An employee who is fit physically will be able to handle his tasks and assignments better, take better care of customers, making the whole company more efficient. Also, health care costs will decrease for company.

The goodwill of any company is very important to it, and corporate wellness programs a good way to keep that high. Employees who know that they are being cared for and policies are being formulated for their well-being will be more likely to feel and speak well about their employers. Also, new employees will be more attracted because of wellness benefits. The workplace, in general, will have a more positive, healthy and wholesome environment.

All studies on the matter have concluded that corporate wellness programs lead to decreased rates of absenteeism. Employees who are conscious of their health and well-being will take care to maintain themselves and take precautions against seasonal diseases, say the flu or the cold. This will lead to increased productivity and the corporation will be better off for having cared about the health of employees.

Besides, with the trend of corporate wellness catching on, a company or business that does not pay heed to it has only a lot to lose. Grumpy and dissatisfied employees will be the result of not seeking to formulate corporate wellness guidelines for your office.

The nation, of course, has a lot to thank corporate wellness and health consciousness programs for. A healthy, motivated workforce is necessary for the growth of any industry or business.


Framing a Successful Corporate Wellness program

Any good corporate wellness program takes care of small details as well as big ones. The success of a corporate wellness program lies in how well it can target the different groups of workers and meet their specific demands. It also incorporates the ideas of the working staff, as they are the ones who will finally be at a benefit because of the program and can have valuable suggestions. 


It is often a problem for smaller businesses that their budget gets stretched if they implement corporate wellness programs. However, there are ways to easily avoid this. A simple, small step, such as providing fruit or some other healthy food instead of junk food as snacks during a meeting is part of a corporate wellness program. A bonus for those who avoid tobacco or give up tobacco is another. Similarly, the budget can be tweaked to include expenses that corporate wellness programs require because the returns from the programs will compensate for the same.


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