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About Dog Food Wellness Core Ingredients

Published at 02/09/2012 02:42:03


We all know that eating the right foods is important for good health, high energy levels and feeling the best in humans. Nutritious foods fuel our body and the same is true for our pets. Feeding your dog a nutritious diet will help him live a longer, healthier and more fulfilling life. Finding the right dog food wellness formula is an important part of responsible pet ownership. There are several ways you can go about this. This article will give you tips on finding the best dog food wellness brand for your pet, as well as give you some background information on ingredients in dog food.


Dog food wellness has not always been a topic on the minds of pet owners. In past decades people simply fed their pets whatever table scraps were leftover at the end of the day. We now know that human food is not a good option for dogs. It is not easy for them to digest and can cause them to become ill. Once packaged dog food hit the market, many people grabbed the cheapest brand they could find, thinking all brands contained the same ingredients. The cheap dog food available in large bags at the grocery store often does not contain the nutrition components needed for dog food wellness. Many packaged dog food brands are made with low quality, very cheap ingredients. This allows the brands to produce the food cheaply, which increases their profit coming in. It also allows them to sell the dog at a lower price than the competitors who use higher quality and more expensive ingredients. Most of the dog foods sold in the grocery store contains corn as the main ingredient. You can tell if it is the main ingredient by reading the label on the dog food bag. The item listed first is the most prominent ingredient in the dog food. Dogs have a very difficult time digesting corn, so it is not a good ingredient for a food to contain when you are looking for dog food wellness. The dog food companies put it in there because there are no laws against it and corn is very low cost filler.


It is best to avoid grocery stores altogether when shopping for dog wellness food brands. Even the brands that claim to be vet recommended or higher quality formulas still contain large amounts of corn. Visit a pet store instead. Most pet stores carry a variety of organic, natural and higher quality brands for dog food wellness. Read the labels just as you would when purchasing food for yourself or your family. Avoid foods that contain corn. Look for meat as the main ingredient. Your vet's office may also carry a healthy dog food choice. Call or stop by to see their choices, but still read the label.

Tips and comments

  • Avoid dog foods that contain corn, especially when it is listed as the first ingredient on the label.
  • Corn is not a good ingredient when looking for dog food wellness blends.
  • Look for meats, such as chicken, lamb or turkey, listed as the main ingredient.
  • Oats, barley and rice are grains that are easier for dogs to digest.


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