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When you run a company, you know, it’s nothing without the human resource. The human resources are a very imperative part of the business. Therefore the wellbeing of your human resources should be a prime concern for you. The initial idea of such a program might seem a little bit of a hassle for you at first, but the outcomes of wellness programs are more than what meets the eye. The employees benefit from wellness programs obviously, but the benefit to business is more than the benefit to the employee. This is a fact as this exercise helps you freshen up


Wellness Programs are programs that focus, on the health of the employees. Their physical well-being, take care of their medical requirements, and that their health general. These programs help employee’s lose weight, help them enroll in programs to quit smoking, drinking they deal with providing stress management programs etc.


There are several reasons for the businesses to follow wellness programs. They are a big attraction for employees. They prefer jobs that are this considerate about them. This helps build their moral. The employees feel special and as a part of a bigger purpose. This helps them perform better, and be attentive and dedicated to their job. The employees take regard of the employers, and the absenteeism is low. The workers don’t feel they have reason enough to skip work. Until and unless it’s something big, when you evaluate the overall costs of the business, the overall costs are reduced. As fewer employees are absent, and they will be performing well, so the inclusive cost is low. The employees feel that they owe the organization more. This will give them the feeling that they have more of a responsibility towards the business. The employees that are taken care of well, with a wellness program feel they‘re more associated with the organization. Overall loyalty to the company by the employees also increases. This is one of the best advantages of wellness programs. Organizations that have wellness programs as a part of the policy have decreased insurance costs as well. When the employees benefit from the Wellness Program, the insurance costs go down automatically. The wellness programs take care of whatever health issues the employees might have, and that way the health insurance doesn’t cost a lot.

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Wellness programs help improve not only the physical ailments, but also help employees in their mental and emotional problems as well. Employees can access the wellness programs for work related situations, or home related issues etc. Wellness programs don’t just mean that medical treatments will be provided, even the basic education about such situations are given. Education about the diet, exercise and lifestyle a person should pursue for a healthy body and mind. Wellness programs make sure that employees that come in don’t feel all they have to do is work. They are made to feel that their health is also important. This makes them feel less stressed and more like they belong to an organization. Wellness programs are also supported by other community organizations.

By Sultan Khan, published at 02/10/2012
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