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What Is a Betting Spread?

Published at 03/05/2012 01:57:34


A betting spread is simply the assumption about whether the value of a certain asset will rise or drop. It can vary from share costs, to commodity costs to an index of the stock market. The point is that you do not need to purchase the asset that you desire to bet on. You only take a position on the specified cost being offered by the betting spread firm about whether the cost will rise or drop. A betting spread is also a means of gaining from the financial markets, like trading, but with more suppleness and offering a great transaction of leverage or gearing for your cash.

When a betting spread is applied to the financial markets, it enables the participants to gain or lose by the worth in the underlying financial mechanism that change value. Since the market participants never receive rights of any financial securities or other deals, betting spreads can create a broad range of financial results.


The betting spread is said to have started in England in the 1970s and was initially used in sports betting. It is usually recognized that it was not until 1974 when a businessman Stuart Wheeler created a plan to give investors the chance to bet on progress in the value of gold, whether up or down, that the betting spread was born.

His strategy was to produce an index that would provide investors the chance to bet on the progress of gold, without having to purchase or sell the physical product in the marketplace, which was recognized as IG Index.

However, in 1998, the company's growth rate became huge. Great growth was seen from the Internet growth in early 2000 in which financial markets improved extremely in terms of reputation and coverage. The growth in technology also enabled online spread services to begin, and the increase of Internet use indicated that traders could check market costs throughout the day.


No Tax to Spend on Profits

It is difficult to gain profit from any trade and then let the taxman receive a large portion of your gains. A person can save a lot every year if there was no tax to pay on the proceeds.

Ability To Go Long or Short

With a betting spread, one can get in touch with the market progress despite the direction in which the market is moving. In fact, profits rise in line with any increase in that price and vice versa.

Wide Range of Markets

With a betting spread, one is simply not able to take positions on thousands of personal shares, indexes and currencies all over the world, but also on sectors, goods, bonds and interest rates.

24-Hour Dealing

A betting spread gives unlimited access to your account throughout the day, seven days a week. Moreover, it runs numerous markets throughout the day; including major indices. For example, the UK 100 and Wall Street, allows anyone to spread a bet even when the underlying markets are not open.

Tips and comments


  1. If the price continues to shoot up, you can consider picking up the second half of your bet.
  2. When trading, it is vital to continue reviewing your trades as this helps out in learning from your mistakes which successively improves your likelihood of being on top.
  3. Be patient, and do not get angry with yourself when you miss opportunities. If you miss a particular opportunity, there is still another along the way, so keep on trying.



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