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What Is the Best Casino Hotel in the World?


Among the many sports played in the world gambling is undoubtedly the world’s most addictive sport/game where all it takes is a single win to get you hooked to the game for a lifetime. Even though the origins gambling are not completely known and have a faint trail that leads to China and Europe, America is known by many as a gambling nation and the world’s best gambling destination. Choosing the best casino hotel is a very difficult task.


As most people know that America’s Las Vegas is a heaven for gamblers from all over the world with its lights visible from miles away and skyscraping buildings touching the sky and roaring music from every building to attract more people to come and invest in their owners already enormous fortunes.

However, what most people today don’t know is that Macau, a specially administered state administered by China, surpassed Las Vegas in revenues in 2007. 50% of Macau’s total annual revenue is dependent on tourism and this tourism is almost completely dependent on its casinos.

Macau’s casinos are in no way behind those in Las Vegas but maybe a slight bit ahead of those found in America or in other parts of the world due to its unique gambling possibilities in such a compact location so to speak.


Out of the many casinos in Macau I would suggest that you sure do visit The Venetian Macau in Cotai Strip. The Venetian Macao is owned by the Las Vegas Sands Corporation of Las Vegas and consists of a mammoth 40 story building and also the world’s 2nd largest Venice, first being the Venice in Italy. It is the sister casino of The Venetian in Las Vegas.

The resort consists of a whopping 3000 suites and 51000m.sq of casino space that holds about 3400 slot machines, 800 casino tables and a 15000 seat arena for entertainment. There is tremendous amount of space for each and every individual present at the casino to either win a fortune or to lose one or even to just relax and stay at the luxury hotel.
The casino really is grand in every aspect looking at the fact that casinos aren’t just for the gamblers anymore but are also becoming a family destination. The hotel rooms are extravagant and truly amazing in comfort and top notch. The Venice look and feel within the hotel would leave you wanting to spend every penny of your savings to stay there for as long as you could. Food from all over the world can be found at the many restaurants within the Grand Casino Hotel.

The pools are enormous and you won’t be waiting for your turn to jump in and have a go. There are no queues to check in as it can be done once you’re inside the rooms you reserved. The entertainment section is also taken care of with the help of the custom made theatre that shows the Canadian Production of ZAIA. You have to watch it to find out about it!


Calling The Venetian Macao a universe within walls would not be wrong in any sense of the words since it really is exquisite and a place to visit at least once in a lifetime. What they have to offer is truly worth checking out!

By Khurram Hussain, published at 03/03/2012
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