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Advantages To Betting in An Online Casino


Online gambling is one of the successful industries on various sites online. There are many people who are now part of casino online. They play online blackjack, lottery, and slot machine. Betting on sports, roulette and bingo among other games has become part of betting online. The number off gambling sites is ever increasing, So far, there are more than thousands of such sites.

The people who are not keen about visiting casinos can now engage in gambling on various poker rooms and online casinos. The advantage with casino online is that you can gamble within the comfort and privacy of your house. The only thing that you cannot do is to see the expression of the poker competitors.


Gaming software was first used in 1970s when land based casinos began to replace electromechanical slots with computer software. Card counters also developed software specifically for Blackjack. The dawn of internet in the 1990s contributes to introduction of casino online. It gave gambling lovers an opportunity to play their preferred casino games from comfort of their houses.

Internet provides gamblers with additional advantage of communicating with others through email. Friends can tell others about new casinos once they discover them and the kind of games that are on offer.

Antigua and Barbuda which is twin Island state was the first to allow major online gambling in 1994. Antiguan gambling regulatory body allowed gambling licenses to be issued to any operator who had an interest to open casino online.

It is also in 1994 that a software provider known as Microgaming was found. It provided ways of making casino games enjoyable online. In 1995, another company called Cryptologic was launched. It madefinishing touches to comprehensive online casino through financial processing.

The first concept it developed was called ecash. Cryptologic combined the aspect of online casino and financial processing to create the first fully-fledged online casino called InterCasino.Online casino industry has grown rapidly. Currently, there are thousands of gambling sites. This includes online casinos, sports betting operation and poker rooms.


Casino online has features that enable gamblers to enjoy the advantages of betting online. These benefits are the reason why online gambling is popular among the people who love casino games. The advantages of online casino are:

1. Variety:

Gamblers can change from one game to another from the comfort of their homes. There are many betting websites that allow players to place their bets on online sports without having to sign up as they use the same account and username.

2. Convenience

You can gamble from the comfort of your location without commuting to a casino. It gives you the freedom from observing dress codes, drinking, eating and smoking rules that are enforced in casinos.

3. Security

Casino online is safer than playing at casino sites as there is no need to carry large amounts of cash. It is also easier to manage the betting budget.

4. Bonuses

Many online casino websites offer cash bonuses to attract new players and customers. You can sign up for a bonus and download casino software for free.

Tips and comments

It is essential to determine if it safe to gamble on a website before engaging in casino online by using these tips:

  1. Check the legal status- Before you gamble, investigate the local gambling laws especially those that relate to online betting online.
  2. Start by using free play option- Use the free play mode to play for fun in order to test if there is a likelihood of encountering problems that may occur when playing in real play mode with money. Avoid sites without free play option.
  3. Customer support-Determine if acasino online website has convenient ways through which customers can reach the support team. This includes email, Live Chat, chat rooms, telephone and fax numbers.
  4. Easy payment methods to deposit and withdraw money.
By Ngari Njoroge, published at 03/02/2012
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