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How To Play Casino Games Online Legally


There are many casino games found on the Internet. This at times leads to confusion on how and whether one can play casino games legally online. There is no federal laws that prohibit playing casino games online. However, states may have different rules. It is a good idea to check with state laws regarding online casino games. With casino games so popular it is unlikely that playing will be stopped.


Step 1

  • Research online casinos to find ones that offer casino games for those in the United States or whatever country you are in. Most casino game sites are run from other countries and not all accept players from the United States. When you do find one, take the time to do a bit of research to make sure they are a legitimate company. While most are fair and honest, like in everything in life, you can run into some that are less reputable.

Step 2

  • Determine whether or not your credit card will allow to buy chips at this casino games site. Not all will. Some will go through without a problem, while others will be declined. While the federal government does not have laws against citizens playing casino games online, there are laws for the banks and banking industry.  This could lead to some issues when it comes to paying to play casino games.

Step 3

  • Set up a Paypal account. Many casino games sites will allow you to purchase chips with money in your Paypal account. Your Paypal account is able to be funding through your credit or debit card. Paypal is often used by those who sell items online or buy online at sites such as Ebay. This site allows one to pay for items, without having to enter and share credit and debit card information with parties they may be doing business with.This is a good option for those who have credit cards that are declining transactions from online casino sites. When you want to cash out your winnings, you can have them sent to your Paypal account, you will then have the option of withdrawing them to your debit card.

Step 4

  • Learn the fees, rules and payouts for the games that interest you. The more information you have before you begin playing the better for you. You do not want to be surprised by anything later. As a consumer it is your responsibility to ask questions if you are unsure about something and to make sure you know exactly what you are agreeing to when you begin playing online casino games

Step 5

  • Set limits. It is easy to get caught up in the fun and excitement of playing online casino games. While overspending is not illegal, it can lead to trouble. It is a good idea to place strict limits on your spending. Once your limit has been reached, sign out and stop playing until you have extra money.


Many online casinos allow users to play with fake money. In these games you just play for fun, it does not cost you anything and you do not really win anything. However, this is a good idea for those who are unsure of how to play. Practice playing free games before investing any of your money into playing for cash.

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