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Rules To Playing Casino Poker


Poker is one of the most widely played games in the world. This game has the most variants, and for that reason, to many people it is a rather confusing game. Poker which has been often associated with gambling is played mostly in casinos where is it referred to as “casino poker”. Poker is a game of skill and observing your opponents. A player needs to be vigilant and has to be mentally active. Casino poker is different from the poker games played in homes or other places as this happens to be played in a more formal setting. There are rules and regulations to it that need to be understood by players and followed.


The history of casino poker can be traced back to 1829 when it was played in a crude form with four players and a deck of 20 cards between them in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is then that the game spread all over the country, gradually from the Mississippi river where it was a favorite past time. The game that was eventually adopted and played by many included full 52 cards.


To play casino poker one cannot simply enter a casino and start playing it. A person intending to play the game must inform the desk before joining the game. The host will probably get you a seat but if not then your name will be written on the board. When your turn comes or a seat is unoccupied, you will be called to play the game. You will be then asked for the buy in. You can have a buy in from the chips you bought from the casino. Some casino owners let you use the chips you have from previous games played. All games of casinos have a small buy in. You then need to know what table stakes is. In casino poker you are not allowed to use chips other than those that are on the table; this is referred to as table stakes. If you are out of chips you declare all in and are eligible for only those winnings with those bets. Remember to be patient in poker and wait for your turn to bet. If you bet before the opponent sitting on your right side then you may give your opponents advantage. For instance if you raise before your turn, your opponent may fold on his turn whereas if you fold before your turn, the opponent may raise. Don’t make a string bet in poker; that is you have to call “raise” and the amount of raise at the same time. You must also know the bet. Always be attentive and know what the players before you bet.

Tips and comments

Casino poker is a game in which you can do wonders if you play your cards right. This ubiquitous expression is not only true but is also important. Protect your cards from the opponents’ prying eyes and don’t play for too long as you may lose focus, become lethargic and make mistakes.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 03/18/2012
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