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How To Find a Kid Friendly Hotel Casino in Las Vegas


If you want to spend the vacations in Las Vegas or in hotel casino Vegas, this city has many things in store for everybody, for the kids as well as for the adults. Parents will be pleasantly surprised with all the things that Las Vegas has to offer, especially for their kids.

Step 1

Excalibur Hotel Casino Vegas is an example of how much kid friendly Las Vegas can be. It is actually a castle with a drawbridge and has a very colourful atmosphere. More than 4,000 rooms are available for hire, and some are as inexpensive as about $35. There are many packages which different hotels offered, If one is planning a vacation with kids in Las Vegas, one can book online for this hotel and save money on each night stayed here.

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While MGM Grand Hotel Casino Vegas is kid friendly, it is for older kids, there aren’t many attractions for younger kids, except Studio 54 and Hollywood Theatre, which entertains people of all ages. It has more than 5,000 rooms and countlessteashops and restaurants, which have something for everyone, from fine dining, to casual dining, to quick eating. These are the amazing things which are offered by hotel casino Vegas.

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Stratospherehotel casino Vegas also targets older kids. It has rides that can surely make you scream. It is a good hotel, and has the tallest observation deck in the US. There are countless hotels in USA,but some hotels are more popular and have a unique touch in their services. HCV hotel is one of the best hotel and is considered to be a summit tavern in the list of US hotels.

Step 4

Red Rock Casino Resorthotel casino Vegasis wonderful for small kids. It has 850 guest rooms and Regal Cinema that shows films for both the young and the old. It has 72 bowling lanes and 350 different attractions; it will surely keep everyone busy.
Some of the hotel casino Vegashost circuses that are complete with the follwing factors:
• Rides
• Jugglers
• Acrobats

Step 5

Mandalay/Four Seasons hotel casino Vegas, has a gesture pool, and tons of genuine sand. There is also a stage discrepancy of “The Lion King”, a Disney picture. It has the Shark Reef, which is a large glass aquarium which has sharks and many other exotic sea creatures.The Eentania is also a good family hotel casino Vegas, which makes the visit of its guests very memorable.


The Flamingo hotel casino Vegas is another family hotel that is famous for its magic shows. It has a ample area which cover the beutiful things of this tavern. It also has a 11 Acre water play area and a wildlife haunt that has Chilean Flamingos and many other types of flora and fauna.

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Hotel casino Vegas comprises of Excalibur with its beautiful garden. There's also New Yorkhotel casino Vegas which is well-known for its twist milieu. Paris hotel casino Vegas where you can enjoy a breathtaking and have wonderful time with your kids. The Stratosphere offers everyone a outstanding view of LVC from its surveillance deck.

By Ali Muhammad Ali Butt, published at 03/22/2012
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