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The world of gambling is far more addictive and filled with glamour than what you think. Even the word casino enthralls you and gushes up your adrenaline. This world of lights, money and fun brings you to a whole new world of amazement. Most of the casinos are in combination with hotels, resorts, shopping, cruise ships and many more attractions for tourists. Cities like Las Vegas, Macau, Singapore, Atlantic City and many more earn their tourism revenue from these casinos. Everything has its pros and cons; gambling can be addictive, especially with games like poker casino.

Poker is one of the most popular games which are played these days in casinos. It is an interesting game of cards which involves betting and is played by several individuals. There are four types of variations in casino poker which are straight, stud poker, draw poker and community card poker. In this game, a winner is declared by the ranks and combination of his cards. Let’s discuss some best casinos to play poker casino. Some steps to know the best casino poker in the world are as follows:

Step 1

Ballys – Built in 1973 at Las Vegas, it is the most dominant casino poker in Vegas. Opening with a cost of $100 million and with performances by celebrities like Cary Grant and Raquel Welch, Ballys holds a top notch reputation in gambling market. Joining the perks, it added many more attractions to its place. In 1981, a second tower was built and currently is owned by Park Place Entertainment. Shopping alley and restaurants are built in this multi faceted poker casino. The world famous topless revue “Jubilee!” is also a part of Ballys. With a huge gaming floor of 67,000 square feet, its a home for gamblers.

Step 2

Foxwoods Resort Casino – This casino has one of the largest halls in the world for gaming. It is situated in Ledyard, Connecticut, and is of Native American theme. This poker casino comprises almost 380 gaming table of blackjack, roulette, craps and poker. Founded in 1986, there are variety of poker casino played on floor like Caribbean stud poker, casino war, crazy four poker, high five poker, let it ride, pai gow poker, Texas hold’em bonus and three card poker. This casino has the WPT World poker casino room which is the third larges poker room in the world. At one point of time there are many games different stakes are going on.

Step 3

Bicycle Casino – This casino happens to be a second largest poker casino card room. It is situated in Bell Gardens, California. It was the first casino to telecast live poker game on internet which is named as ‘Live at the Bike.’ Many types of poker with different limits are played here. This casino is a home for tournament series called ‘Legends of Poker.’ It was established in 1995.


Commerce Casino – This casino is the world’s largest card room with 240 tables and, situated in Los Angeles, it was established in 1983. Apart from Card room it also comprises other sources of entertainment and relaxation like Spa, Beauty Salon, Pool, Shops and many more. There are several variety of poker of different limits has been played here like Seven card stud, Horse, Omaha Hi-Lo split and Texas Hold’em.

additional point

MGM Grand – The “City of Entertainment” and by far the most decorated poker casino of them all, and the MGM Grand at Las Vegas is the grandest of all. All kind of games and entertainment is provided at best luxurious environment at the entertainment dome.

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