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How To Find Rates For the Hard Rock Casino


Casino rate is the term used to describe the discounted room rates of a casino. This term is not the same as a rack rate. A rack rate is the original price of staying in the rooms. Generally, casino rates can range from 25% to 50% off the rack rate. At hard rock casino, this leads to great savings on your end. One thing though, is that you need to have played enough times in order to get sufficient rating to stay in the hotel. This is a technique of promotion that is used by casinos because, naturally, the more you get to stay in a casino hotel, the more you get to play which mean more money for the hotel. This is information that visitors need to know when thinking about a hard rock casino outing. Casinos can be highly addictive because they are very enjoyable. There are many business deals that are struck in casinos. In order to fully enjoy yourself, you need to be equipped with knowledge as well. Here are a few things to keep in mind when thinking about having a good time at a hard rock casino.

Step 1

Call to find out: Before going to the hard rock casino, it is paramount that you make a phone call to inquire about the hard rock casino rates and other comps. If you are lucky, some casinos can actually book you with a casino rate.

Step 2

Talk to the host: For a more personal touch and direct information, you can talk to the host of the hard rock casino. This can also give you an opportunity to check out the casino and their rooms as well.

Step 3

Player’s card: You should sign up for a player’s club card. After all, most casino rates are offered immediately you sign up for this. Also, good comps usually find their way to you if you have a player’s card, so signing up for a player’s card at hard rock casino is important.

Step 4

Conditions: Find out about the conditions that come with casino rates. In some casinos, you can only get casino rate after you have gained a certain rating, which mainly is acquired after a few hours of play. This will be able to give you clarity on expectations and organization on your end as well. You can think of it as hard rock casino paying you for playing.

Step 5

Inquire about the rack rate: When it comes to the rack rate, it is important to check out conditions for these as well. If you happened to check in with the rack rate, this should not be an issue. For most casinos, there is a rebate offered back, or an adjustment of your rates if you later qualify for the hard rock casino rates. Your chance of getting a free room is also higher.


Casinos are a fusion of luxury, fun and excitement; a place where you can get to indulge in your necessary evil as well as maintain your image as a sophisticated individual.

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