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A trade show exhibit or a trade fair is mainly the exhibition of the companies of a specific industry to demonstrate their latest product in the market, showcase their market trends and services towards customers. Few trade shows can be attended by public but mostly the trade shows are open to only company representatives (professionals) and press , so the trade can be broadly classified as ‘ Public’ or ‘trade only’. The Frankfurt book fair was an example of a hybrid trade fair where the first three days of the fair was for trade only and the last two days was held for the general public. Almost 2500 trade shows are held in US every year.

Importance of trade show exhibit:

The trade show industry provides services to a wide variety of audience. Mainly the importance of a trade show exhibit are – The Trade show exhibit (fair) provide the business persons to expand their contacts with other companies and other business people, gives the exhibitors to promote their new products and gives the visitors the opportunity to find out the new products in the market, Gives a chance to the exhibitors to know the demand of the customers as you can get a bunch of customers in a place, if you are a customer then you will remain updated with the current technology and you can encounter new companies and innovative ideas. The trade show exhibit creates an impression of the exhibitor upon the visitors and makes the company well known, increases the sale of the company’s market share, increases the number of customer to buy more shares from the company, it also helps you to establish or reposition your company and your company’s products and brands. If you are an exhibitor then you are having an ample of benefits from the trade show.

Difference in trade show approach:

Different countries have different trade show approach. In south America, Europe or in Asia the exhibitors constructs the booth or rents a booth for only one show and does not use the same booth again for any other show. In North America, the exhibitors use the same fabricated booth again and again until it becomes disposed. For many years the trade show has been following the trend of selling ones property and buying it. Now a days the rent of the trade show exhibits have become very high. The most used and exclusive trade show rental properties are the used exhibits and the inventory exhibits.

Major trade shows of the world:

Aqguip, agriculture based industry held their trade show exhibit in Gunnedha (New South Wales, Australia) in 2005 with approximately 100,000 visitors. Alimentaria a food and beverage based industry held their trade show in Barcelona in Spain had 157,632 visitors in 2008. Bologna Motor show which was an auto show held in Bologna in Italy on 7th December in 2006 was visited by 1,200,000 visitors. Cebit, a show held by an Information and communication company in Hanover (Germany) had 480,000 visitors in 2007. GITEX, a consumer electronics based company’s show held in Dubai had 120,000 visitors in 2006. National Association Broadcaster held their show in Las Vegas, United states had 105,000 visitors in 1999. Tehran International Book Fair had 2,000,000 visitors.

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