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Published at 02/20/2012 00:03:31


Stock trading is one of business an individual can engage in while still keeping his/her full time job or business. It is a great way to make your money for you. It can still be done full time. One of the ways to attain financial independence quickly is to put your money on investments that bring returns regularly. That is to make your hard earned money work hard for you. Stock trading is one of the investments in your money will be working for you. Becoming a trader who trades stock at the stock market is one way to make your money work for you.


There are so many individuals with huge sums of money lying lazily in their bank account. The interest payable by the bank on these sums is little or nothing compared to the amount they would have yielded if invested profitably in stocks. There is also the fact that inflation will reduce the purchasing power of the savings. Therefore money saved in bank accounts is not appreciating but rather depreciating. It is far better if an individual trades stock with such money than save it in a bank account.


There are numerous benefits that to a person who trades stock at the stock market. One of them is immediate returns on investment to the trader. Money can be made in minutes in the stock market. Trader don’t have to wait for months or years to earn returns on their investments. Also stock market provide easy access to money. This is very essential to traders especially during financial crisis. A person who trades stock at the stock market can easily turn his/her stocks to liquid cash which can then be used to meet his/her financial challenge. Another benefit enjoyed by an individual who trades stock is the choice provided by the stock market. The trader has the freedom to buy or sell whatever stocks that pleases him/her. The only limiting factor is the amount budgeted by the trader for stock trading. In the stock market, there is no investment threshold. The trader can buy stocks for as low as $3 per share. This flexibility enable a trader trades stock according the amount budgeted by them.

Stock trading does not involve writing persuasive sales letter and cajoling clients to buy a product. It is perfect for those who hate sales. It only involves placing a selling or buying order with your broker. There is no physical interaction between a trader who trades stock and fellow traders. It can even be done from the comfort of your home. Knowledge and understanding about how the stock market is very important for successful trading. Information about the stock market can be gotten from the internet. Also many brokerage firms provide regular information to their clients as part of their services. It is important for a trader to look for a proven trading strategy which works for him/her. Although there are numerous benefits associated with stock trading, there is also the risk of losing money. This is why it is important a person who trades stock to develop a strategy which works for them.

Tips and comments

Stock trading can serve both the needs of the “risk taker” and “safe player”. A new entrant into the market can decide to test the waters by trading in penny stocks. These are stocks that cost less than $3 per share. These stocks are risky investments but they are very cheap. They can be used as guinea pigs to learn the ropes of the stock market. The blue chip stocks will suit the safe playing trader. These are stocks that have a proven track record of stable performance over a long period of time. They are less risky and their returns on investment is low. The benefit of blue chip stocks is that investors don’t worry much about the safety of their investments. Although there are numerous benefits derived from stock trading, there are risk involved. Potential traders eyeing the stock trade are advised to obey the golden rule “invest only money you can afford to lose”. There is no guarantee for a trader who trades stock in the stock market.