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How to start trades online?

Published at 02/19/2012 23:14:24


The internet has provided a new channel for conducting business transactions. The unique selling point of this channel is that it has no geographical and time barrier. Business can be conducted anywhere and at anytime in the globe. The internet has made it possible to contact a person at the other end of the world with just a few clicks. Also business can be conducted 24 hours in a day, 7 days of the week and 365 days of the year courtesy of the internet. This has made life in the 21st century easy and enjoyable. Many businesses are leveraging on the internet to expand their client base. Among those businesses that have leveraged on the internet platform are the stock, commodity, indices and currency markets. These markets have gone global courtesy of the internet. This has given individuals from any part of the globe the opportunity to place trades in these markets.

Step 1

To place trades in these markets, the trader needs a computer and internet connection. This will give the trader access to the platform where trades are conducted in these markets.

Step 2

The next step is to choose a trading service provider. There are so many trading service provider available. The trader will have to browse through their sites and make enquiries about their services. Some of the service provider are very flexible and give access to the forex, indices, stock and commodity markets. This is very good for traders as they have the opportunity to choose different markets to place their trades. While other service providers only offer access to a single market. This limit the options available to traders. They can only place trades in a single market Traders should choose a service provider whose services they are comfortable with.

Step 3

Opening an account with the chosen service provider is the next phase on a new trader journey to online trading. Signing up for an account is usually done on the website of the service provider. It involves assigning a username and password to the trader, answering security questions and completing the application forms. Once the application process is completed and the requirements of the account are met, a trading account will be set up for the trader. It is the account that will enable the trader to place trades in the market.

Step 4

After setting up an account, the trader will have to fund the account. The amount required to fund an account varies for different service provider. For some service provider, it might be as low as $10.

Step 5

After funding his/her account, the trader is now free to place trades on the market. Trades are done by predicting the price movement of a commodity, stock, index or currency. That is a trader can buy when the price is low and selling when the price is high. If the prediction is correct, profit is made. On the other hand, a wrong prediction will lead to loss by the trader. It can be done within seconds by the click of the mouse. Trades can be placed from anywhere and at anytime.


It is advisable for a new entrant to research the market in details and develop a proven strategy before placing trades on the market. With a good knowledge and understanding of how the market works, a trader will be able to know when place trades. This is what will determine the success of the trader in the market. There are risks involved in online trading. If a trader can master the risks and have a good knowledge of the market, he/she is on his/her way to hitting a goldmine.


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