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Benefits Of the Trade Commission

Published at 04/06/2012 03:09:21


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is the head of the Agency for the protection of consumers, the Federal Government and is the primary supporting role for assistance to victims of identity theft. The FTC has stood as a one-stop resource for helping people deter, defend and to identity theft. The Federal Trade Commission is the first agency, with which, the potential or actual victims of identity theft, should you want to contact.


You need to obtain a copy of the FTC's ID theft complaint form, fill it completely, then file it if you identity theft. Note that the submission of the complaint form ID theft is only half of what is known as the "report on Identity theft." The second half of the report is that you file with the local police. Many law enforcement agencies require that the Federal Trade Commission's ID theft complaint filed a form first, than the local police report submitted.


One thing for sure if you are a victim of identity theft. The only way you can make sure the rights that you have under the FTC form and a local police report. Two items together (The ID theft complaint form and the local police report) are officially referred to as the "report on Identity theft."

The law provides certain rights as victims of identity theft, which can only be assured if you have completed both parts of "Identity theft report". The Federal Trade Commission recommends that you obtain a copy of your three credit reports before the filing of a complaint against Identity theft. The final report of the ID theft provides that information relating to offences against you.

Tips and comments

Copy of the complaint, the FTC Identity Theft can be obtained by calling 1-877-438-4338 or visit their webpage. Completed form that you fill in will be shared with other government agencies and allow you to claim the protection of consumers, to which you are entitled. Sharing of information, the FTC can help federal, State and local law enforcement authorities with other investigations in an effort to stop the thief.

The FTC provides a wealth of information on how to fill out a form ID theft complaints. The form requests your contact information, and social security number, which is encrypted. You will be asked to describe your situation and what happened (the reason for which you will have to check the listings of credit cards). Also, you will be asked to provide information, maybe you know about identity thieves. Include information about how, when and where you think that there is a criminal offence. Also, you will be asked to indicate any differences that exist in the tables of the credits.

The FTC has a very good process in take information about the stolen identity. Also, the Agency's guides you through the process of completing their form and sound work of the explanation of the rights that you have as consumers and the victim. The assistance provided by the Federal Trade Commission, however, essentially ends at the spot, when you have completed the form ID theft complaints and help them, as well as their telephone support line.