10 Best colleges to learn construction trades
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10 Best colleges to learn construction trades

Published at 02/05/2012 17:46:32


10 Best colleges to learn construction trades

Some of us have an innate desire to work with our hands or simply to make new things. This is primarily because of the satisfaction that comes during the process of making or constructing something using one’s own hands. It gives one the pleasure and happiness that matches no other. Moreover, when the project is completed the elation of the constructor simply knows no bounds. If you are one of such beings, then construction trades is the thing for you! Learning construction trades would be like fulfilling a dream with which you were born with, if you love doing the aforementioned things. It is like polishing your natural instincts and abilities and making you someone who knows exactly what to do and how.

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Well before the construction of many storied buildings and huge home, the need of masons, electricians, carpenters, plumbers etc was there. Now with the construction of such high-tech buildings this need has increased many folds. Hence, the reason why so many people are inclined towards seeking and getting education in construction trades across the globe. Also, people wish to know their job well and more professionally than that job was once done in the past. So in order to increase credibility of their work, more people are getting enrolled in such educational programs which could help them to learn construction trades.

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Amongst the top ten universities that are imparting knowledge in the field of construction trade, Andrews University simply tops the charts. This institute is unique as theoretically, for every ten students that get enrolled into this university there is one teacher to teach them. After this institute comes Southern Utah University, known for its more than 6000 student body and low tuition fee than the rest of the universities teaching construction trades. Also, according to Princeton Review, this university is considered one of the best amongst the universities present in the western part of the United States of America. Another institute imparting construction trades learning is Roger Williams University. This institute lays its prime focus of student-faculty bonding and also on maintaining the ratio of teachers to students at 1:16. But if you are more inclined towards getting a diploma in carpentry, furniture making, electricity etc, then the right place for you is Penn Foster Career School. Moreover, Santa Fe College in Florida is renowned world-wide for its Building Construction Program. To holistically list a few famous yet credible institutions known for making people educated in construction trade include: Kaplan University, South University Online, Daymar Institute in Tennessee, Houston Community College and the University of Phoenix.


10 Best colleges to learn construction trades

The degree programs and the diploma courses offered by the aforementioned institutions could help one improve his or her skills and help in creating a better society with better homes and buildings. Hence, pursuing to learn construction trades is an amazing opportunity to be the best you can be at your craft and at your work. It is like a ripple effect. The life of one construction worker touches so many others.

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