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So you are tired of the 9 to 5 grind and the commute and you have decided you want to work from home? Thats not an uncommon place for you to be, especially when you know there are legitimate opportunities available. The key is finding the opportunity that best suits your qualifications. Here are some basic tips and ideas for jobs where you can work from home.

Step 1

Getting prepared to work from home is going to take you places. If you already have experience in working from home, then you are probably good to go. If not, then you are most likely going to have to do some basic things to make sure you are set up and ready to work from home.

Here are some things you are most likely going to need in order to work from home:

  • Designated home office space that is free from distractions and noise
  • Computer with high speed Internet access
  • Landline telephone but VOIP may be an option in some positions
  • Printer/Scanner and fax
  • A noise cancelling headset or other device you can use for telephone calls if your job will consist of taking or making calls on a routine basis
  • Desk or wall calendar to help keep you organized
  • Dry erase board on the wall close to your desk

Additional software may be needed on your computer depending on the job you choose, but an IBM compatible personal computer is most often the type of computer you will need. This can be a laptop or desktop.

Now that you know the basics of a home office setup and preparation, you will need to begin to prepare yourself for the adventure that awaits you.

Step 2

When getting prepared for jobs where you work from home, it is important that you do a self-analysis and see if you have the skills, experience and preparedness a potential employer would expect before they consider you as a candidate for an open position. This is a very simple procedure and wont take too much of your time.

The following are questions you will need to answer in order to know which direction to take your work from home job search:

  • What skills and experience do I have?
  • How many years experience do I have and in what areas have I gained the knowledge and experience I need to perform the functions of a job?
  • Do I have the necessary computer skills?
  • Do I have good references?
  • Am I committed to being self-motivated?
  • Can I really do this without feeling too isolated and possibly putting myself in a worse predicament than I am in working outside the home?
  • Do I have childcare for my children or am I planning on working with them at home?
  • Do I have a well written, neat and nicely formatted resume?
  • What hours am I available to work?
  • Can I pass a criminal background check and possibly even a drug test?


Those are some very important questions that need to be answered before you begin your search for jobs where you can work from home. Qualifications will vary with different companies so there may be other questions you will find yourself needing an answer to once you gain knowledge about specific companies and their expectations.


Step 3

Now that you have kind of taken a look at the big picture and figured out what you can and cannot do, its time to get online and start searching for a job where you can work from home. This will need to be a job that you know you are qualified to do.

Finding jobs where you can work from home isn't as big a mystery as some think. It all depends on what you are looking for as to the results you will achieve. There are so many different things you can do when it comes to jobs where you work from home. There are opportunities everywhere with some of them being actual jobs, some where you are an independent contractor, some business opportunities. You need to decide exactly what it is you want to do.

Step 4

Finding leads for jobs where you can work from home isn't hard at all when you have resources such as and that offers tons of information on jobs where you can work from home. Those websites are both free to join and by joining you will find that you can access message boards, forums, articles and much more information that will help you in your home job search.

Step 5

Now that you are on the right track its time for you to get busy searching for jobs where you can work from home. Happy searching and much luck in finding the right home job opportunity for you.


Watch out for scams related to work at home opportunities.

General knowledge says that you most often should not pay any money upfront in order to work from home.  This is true in most cases although there are a few places that will require a fee for a background check before you are officially hired.  This fee is sometimes reimbursed to you with your pay and is generally not real expensive.



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By Susan Hill, published at 03/07/2012
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