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Top 10 online home work jobs for tutors

Published at 01/21/2012 07:32:44

Top 10 Online Home Work Jobs For Tutors

The internet has afforded many people the opportunity for home work jobs. You can earn yourself a four year bachelor’s degree and use it to get well paying online home work jobs. Teachers are reknowed for the service they provide. If you have a teaching degree and experience teaching, you are in a good position to get online home work jobs for tutors. Conversely, if you are an expert in a certain field, e.g. dancing, art, astrology, etc, you can also tutor and earn extra income. These are well paying home work jobs and they range in subject matter. So if you are looking for online home work jobs that pertain to your area of expertise, online tutoring is ideal. You can either tutor college students, high school students or even kids in elementary.

There are no borders when it comes to online home work jobs. Some of the top tutoring jobs include;

Step 1

English as a second language – this is a common subject online especially in countries where English is not the official language. In many Asian countries, you will find that English tutors are in high demand. Others include South American and Eastern European countries. English tutors for online home work jobs need to be competent in written as well as spoken English. A degree is also necessary.

Step 2

Math – tutors who are skilled in algebra and calculus are in high demand too. As a math tutor, you must have a degree and a few years teaching experience.

Step 3

Foreign languages – languages such as Spanish, French, German, Chinese Mandarin, etc. are tutoring opportunities for teachers who are looking for online home work jobs. The tutor has to be fluent in the dialect.

Step 4

Science – this is yet another subject that requires tutors. If you are knowledgeable in this subject matter, this is one of the most demanded online home work jobs.

Step 5

Arts – this is a preferred subject because it has a lot to do with creativity.

Step 6

Elementary tutors – distant learning is becoming a common thing now. Online home work jobs for elementary students are therefore on the rise. A degree in education is required.

Step 7

College tutors – getting a full education online is now very possible. Because many colleges have introduced online classes, students might need additional help with certain subjects. Online home work jobs tutoring college students are certainly appealing and well paying.

Step 8

Homework assistance – tutors are needed to help students with their homework too. This is actually quite prevalent especially in cases where both parents are busy working. This affords you, the tutor, a job and the student, much needed help.

Step 9

SAT and GMAT preparation – online home work jobs helping students prepare for standardized exams is popular. Tutors who have knowledge in the material covered in these tests have the opportunity to earn an income as they help students prepare.

Step 10

Computer lessons – there is no better way to tutor someone on computer skills than on the computer. Online home work jobs that involve computer lessons require a tutor who is proficient in computer programs and software.


The list of online home work jobs is long and it will continue to grow. A lot of everyday endeavors are shifting to the internet. This will create more job opportunities thus more people will work from home. The main benefit of these jobs is the freedom to choose your working hours in some cases and share your talent the world over. It is a great opening to reach people around the world.

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