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Tips And Ideas For Homecare Jobs

Published at 03/22/2012 18:46:04


Homecare jobs are in high demand. Many families who find themselves acting as caregivers for older relatives find themselves in need of some help. For some of these families they may only need occasional help, while for others, they need someone to come in daily. Homecare jobs may even be on a live in basis. Not all homecare jobs focus on caring for the elderly. There are homes looking for those who wish to work with children and provide care when the parents are not available.  For those looking for homecare jobs there are some tips to help you determine which jobs are best suited to you.

Step 1

  • Take classes to help you in your career choice. If you intend to do homecare jobs, the more training that you have the better. If you choose to work through an agency, many will require that you have CNA training before you sent out to work with the elderly. For those wishing to find homecare jobs that involve children you should at least take a basic child care class and enroll in a CPR class. You may also want to include a swimming safety course.

Step 2

  • When beginning homecare jobs, be aware that it may take both elderly adults and children some time to warm up to you. The elderly may feel resentful of the fact that they need help and that they can no longer do certain things for themselves. Try putting yourself in their shoes and imagine how you would feel. This may make it easier for you to cope with what may be a difficult start to your new job.
  • Children also may resent having you there. They may want the attention they are used to getting from Mom and Dad. They may blame you for the fact that they are not able to be with their parents at times. Do your best to smile and be pleasant. They will come around.

Step 3

  • Before you search for homecare jobs it is a good idea to volunteer at a nursing home or adult day care. You will gain valuable experience by doing this. This is especially useful if you have not spent much time around the elderly. It can help you get an idea into what you should expect once you are working.

Step 4

  • Be sure to list all experience on your resume. If you have volunteered to help the elderly that can be listed on your resume. Even babysitting as a teenager can be used as experience when you are trying to find homecare jobs. While you are adding these items to your resume, take a quick look to ensure that your resume is the best that it can be. You of course want your's to stand out when applying for homecare jobs. 

Step 5

  • Whether your job is dealing with the elderly or children, always treat those in your care as you would want your own family members to be treated.


Homecare jobs can often be find listed in Craigslist ads. You may also find them in your local newspaper's classified section.

Signing on with an agency may be the easiest and best way to get started in this field. While the agency does get a percentage of the wage that you are paid, it may be worth it in order to gain experience.

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