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A marketing manager is an individual that plans and manages the promotion, development, sale and publicity of a company’s goods and services. The various jobs that they may carry out are conducting market research in an effort to determine what customers want, developing new products and services based upon customers wishes, attracting new customers in via advertising campaigns, preparing budgets and setting prices on various goods and services. They have a lot of jobs to carry out that aids in the company having a steady supply of business. If these jobs sound attractive to you there are a few things that you need to have attained to become a marketing manager. Education, experience and a few personal traits and skills are the three prominent factors that need to be placed into consideration when embarking upon the quest of securing this variant of jobs.

Step 1

A degree is normally required to obtain the position of marketing manager. A business administration bachelor degree from college, ideally with a specialization in marketing, is the preferred education; a master's in the field of marketing would be the ideal. Other subjects that will be of are accounting, computer science, finances, mathematics and an overall understanding of business law. These skills along with a bachelor or master’s degree will ensure that you have the relevant background knowledge to succeed when you become a marketing manager.

Step 2

Experience is always a sought-after factor for many jobs, and marketing management is of no exception. Relevant experience could be gained by working at one of these places: a call center, this will give you good customer service experience, and public relations or advertising work, two jobs that are pivotal to marketing managing. Experience with conducting polls and surveys is also useful. This again will be a task that you will carry out often while being situated in this job. And lastly, working somewhere that conducts market research. These various jobs will ensure that you have relevant background experience for your impending career of being a marketing manager.

Step 3

There are various skills and personal attributes that can be seen as desirable for this particular career path. Computer skills and knowledge on the various computer software programs are helpful. You will undoubtedly be using a computer when you are a marketing manager, so it would be a good idea to become more computer savvy.

Apt communication skills are also essential. These jobs will bring you into contact with people quite often, and you will need to have the relevant skills in communication for this purpose. A good understanding in human behaviour nature is another good trait, especially when you are trying to determine what customers want.

Step 4

The ability to plan and manage your time adaquatly are two characteristics that are sought after in marketing managers.

Media savvy, knowing the different kinds of media mediums and which ones to best utilize, is also necessary.

Good research and evaluation skills and an analytical mind are also desirable as these will aid you when you are required to conduct surveys and polls and analyse the results.

Step 5

Having a creative flair will come in handy especially when you need to construct new products and goods, and plan advertising campaigns.

You will also need the ability to work well under pressure and meet set deadlines.


  1. Marketing managers and jobs of a similar calibre have a positive outlook for the future; therefore there will be no shortage of opportunities.
  2. The average salary of a marketing manager in America is $86,568.


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