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Published at 02/20/2012 00:14:13


A large number of people search for jobs. The people searching for jobs include both the unemployed and those in paid employment. The job seekers are looking for jobs to meet their financial responsibilities. While those in paid employment might not be satisfied with their current pay and working conditions. Thus they are looking for a job with a good pay packet and improved working conditions. Therefore, the job market is very competitive. Too many people chasing too few jobs. Jobs with good pay packets are scarce to come by these days.


Most job seekers possess skills and may be a little experience which can be turn into money spinning ventures. It is the same skills that they want to offer to their employers. It is time for most job seekers to thoroughly assess themselves and determine whether they have the capabilities to run a business. They shouls assess their strengths and weaknesses and see whether they have what it takes to work for themselves. While in those areas which they are lacking some skills like management, training should be taken. There are so many benefits that can be derived from being your own boss. Also many challenges will be encountered while working for yourself. Taking the decision to work for yourself might probably be one of the best decisions you have taken in your life. While you may have what it takes to make a business successful, you also need to make use of your skills judiciously. Making your business a success takes hardwork, discipline and proper planning. If you can scale the initial hurdles of working for yourself, you might be on your way to enjoying the numerous benefits of being your own boss.


One of the benefits of starting your business is that you are in position to be in control of your life. Your destiny is in your hands. You decide when to work, place to work, how much to pay yourself and when to take time off. You make your business decision solely by yourself with no input from anybody. This gives you a feeling of control which don’t come with jobs. Jobs place a control on your time , consequently playing a major role in controlling your life. However this freedom derived from being your own boss can be the source of your downfall, if not properly managed. It can turn you to a lazy bone since nobody is looking over your shoulders. But if you are sisciplined and keep your eyes on the goal, you can utilize this to work in your favor. Working for yourself can be one of the greatest things to happen to you financially. You can decide how much you want to earn by the amount of effort you put in. If you want more money, you will put in more amount of work. There is nobody to restrict your earning power by placing you on a salary which comes along with jobs. Jobs place a ceiling on the amount you can earn regardless of the effort you put in. Flexibility of working hours is one of the pecks associated with being your own boss. You can choose the number of working hours and time to work. This flexibility don’t come with jobs. Jobs usually a time schedule which bind all employees. Also you can choose to take time off as you wish. This you can not also get from jobs. Jobs don’t give employees time off as they wish.

Tips and comments

The location of work is solely your decision to make unlike in jobs. Jobs are done in the place of choice of employers. Working for yourself will give you the opportunity to choose anywhere of convenience as place of work. It can your bedroom, office, hotel room or anywhere of choice. Starting your business and incorporating it can reduce the amount you pay as tax and protect you from the liabilities of your company. This is protective of business owners since they are not liable to the debts of the company. This is a protective mechanism for those who are afraid of risks. Well working for yourself will put you in charge of your life. Being in charge of your life cannot be gotten from jobs. Jobs place a restrictment on your life since your boss controls your time. Thus working for yourself is synonymous with running your life. People should concentrate on creating jobs for themselves by turning their skills and passions into money-spinning ventures. This will make to be in the driving seat in their life.