How to balance school and your part jobs
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How to balance school and your part jobs

Published at 01/06/2012 20:36:27


How to balance school and your part jobs

With the rising costs of education, more and more students are turning towards employment as a means to finance their studies. Part jobs are the most feasible way of employment as they allow for some free time to study as well. Working on campus, bartending and other odd jobs are what most students do. But even with these jobs, students regularly face the issue of over burdening and fail at proper time allocation. This article will look at how students that are employed at part jobs can manage both their time, and effort to be able to work and study at the same time.


Step 1

Obtaining quality education has never been cheap. Students have been working to pay off their academic expenses for a long time. Some work to reduce the financial burden of their parents, some work so that they do not have to rely on loans while others work in hopes of gaining work experience. Now, as much of a benefit it might be to do a part job, you must keep in mind that being a student is your number one priority. Here’s a guide to how one can manage work and studies and allow them to co-exist in you.


Step 2

Balance is the key word here. Asses yourself, and determine what your limits are, how much time you can spend away from leisure and studies, etc. Some students study less and achieve better grades, and it’s the opposite for others.  Once you’ve found work that somewhat suits you, some of your habits need to change. Organize your lifestyle. You cannot afford to leave anything till the last day. Start work on assignments and projects early. Regularly revise what you’re studying. This would avoid any overstrain near exams. It is advisable to maintain a proper schedule.

Step 3

Furthermore, a student’s life can be quite uncertain. Hence, maintain flexibility in your time to accommodate for any unexpected assignments, quizzes and exams. Also you should tell the people you know about your commitments and schedule. Your family, friends and your co-workers should be well informed. A day has 24 hours, no more, no less. This is where realism should kick in. There is only so much you can accomplish in a day. Don’t stress out if you do not meet the targets that you had set for any particular day. Keep a positive attitude so that you don’t end up being discouraged. Lastly, keep reminding yourself why are you doing a part job to begin with. Whilst other students might be taking on huge loans and begging for grants, you are being self-sufficient. When you graduate, you won’t have any sort of financial debt. On top of that, think of the valuable real life work experience you will be gaining.



How to balance school and your part jobs

Part jobs can be hard. They might put you at a disadvantage compared to students who don’t work. Just keep in mind that sustaining a healthy balance between your job and education is something that is very much possible. It can be done. Just mold your life to make yourself more productive and efficient.


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