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Every company or a boss has a right hand man or woman working for them who also help to run the company efficiently. Without these assistant jobs, these companies would come to a stand still. They manage the office by taking notes, calls, eliminating all problems, handling projects, reports or meetings. Moreover, they do not let the schedule of their supervisors jumble up. Such proficient people are a gret help to their chiefs and are normally known as administrative assistants or more commonly as secretaries.


Formerly the personal assistant jobs were restricted only to preparing tea or coffee to win the hearts of their supervisors. But now the whole outlook of the personal assistants has changed. First they were only found working in a handful of companies but now they are the essence of multi national corporations and companies. They are no longer the meager or quite beings but one of the most qualified people in the staff. They are also found working in government offices, different companies and corporations, colleges, universities, hotels, plazas and thousand of more places that are functioning smoothly. The smooth functioning is the magical results of these administrative assistants.


The assistant jobs are provided to those who are well aware of the miracles of technology and are capable of using all the programs and applications of computers to make reports and projects. The personal administrative assistants get proper training from different associations. They need to be groomed perfectly because they are the representatives of the firms they work for. A high school degree and the tag of a famous institution always come in handy. In today’s time, people interested in these jobs can get training from online courses as well. The assistants should be experts in typing and s have a complete command over their language. There is no room for grammatical or language errors. They should know how to use diplomacy where it is required. For administrative assistants, it is necessary to be a good judge of character. Generally the timings of these jobs are from nine to five but the assistants are well paid. Normally a good assistant can earn about thirty thousand dollars. In addition, they get the medical and transport facilities as well. Such jobs attract many people because of their retirement facilities also. Many of administrative assistants like medical or legal assistants are in charge of technical work, so they should know everything about the technicalities and procedures of their respective fields. For example a medical administrative assistant supervises everything from order supplies, patient’s full medical record, and the schedule of the doctor or surgeon he/she works for, lab records to billing records. They are also some assistants who work from their home. Such assistants are known as virtual assistants. They complete their duties online.

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According to a survey, the assistant jobs would reach at a pinnacle between the years 2008 to 2018. Summing up, one can say that such jobs have now become one of the most highly paid and respectable jobs. 

By Sidra Rana, published at 01/04/2012
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