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Types of jobs in the insurance industry

Published at 01/12/2012 19:49:13


Is an insurance career your dream job? If this is what you’ve always wanted then you are in luck, because there many positions in the jobs insurance industry that will be just right for you.  There are plenty of job opportunities that one can find in the insurance sector and many of them are specialty jobs. If this is what you are looking for, make sure that you have the requirements needed, so that you can get the dream job you are looking for in the jobs insurance industry.  Below are some of the popular positions you can find in the insurance industry;


Do you have what it takes to be an actuary? The actuary has got two objectives in his/her job. The first part of an actuary’s job is to work out the amount of money an insurance company should charge a client. They also help decide if delivering a policy to a client is prudent. Since an actuary in the jobs insurance industry has basic objectives, it is the various task carried out that help achieve them. for you to become an Actuary, you need to undergo massive training. You must have a strong knowledge and understanding of mathematics and accounting subjects. You will be dealing with statistics and figures throughout your career. Actuaries come up with insurance rates and premiums and they are also risk analysts.


Have a look at insurance underwriters: An insurance underwriter’s main objective is to determine whether any risks an insurance company receives are valid. Examining statements is also part of the jobs insurance duties. In addition, conversing with experts in order to determine if the claims customers make are valid.   Underwriters accept risks according to the underwriting guidelines of the company they work for. They appoint assessors to do risk assessments before they can accept any risk. The Claims Examiner is also another insurance job you find: The claims examiner’s job is to process all applications for financial compensation for their insurance companies. The claims examiner will have the final say concerning granting or denying a claim. The examiner’s jobs insurance duties also involve many types of fraud. 

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The Financial Manager is another insurance position. In the jobs insurance industry, the financial manager’s responsibilities vary.  Their main objective is to protect investments and also to maximise income. Anything that has everything to do with money concerns the financial manager. They make sure that the policyholders’ funds are protected. It is their job to distribute underwriting premium to where is needed most. The Insurance Appraiser or Assessor: If a holder of any type of insurance policy experiences some loss, it is the insurance appraiser’s job to make sure the holder receives a fair compensation. This is done by determining the item’s value and/or the item’s damage. In the jobs insurance company the insurance appraiser must have the knowledge needed in order to determine the value. If you find any of these positions interesting, it is never too late to follow your dreams and live the life you always wanted to.


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