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How to apply for nannies jobs

Published at 01/13/2012 12:29:38

How to Apply For Nannies Job

Are you looking for a nannies job? Then this article will help you understand the best way to apply for this job.  Prior to making any application, it is important to note that a nanny is a primary and in some cases, his or her work is limited to taking care of the child alone. In some situations however, nannies might agree to take up some tasks such as laundry, scrubbing the floor or toilet among other duties. In this situation, the salary has to be reviewed.  There are live-in and live-out nannies with the former working for about 5-12 hours a day or 60 hours in five days. Live out nannies work for 50 hours for five days.

Nannies are qualified professionals with certificates, degrees or even master’s degree. They might posses’ special skills basing on their upbringing. They can be of any color, race, height, size, religion and so on. In case you qualify as a nanny or you are looking for this job, then, here are some simple ways in which you apply for this job.

How to apply

There are many people who require the services of nannies all over the world. These people might have asked their friends, neighbors or colleagues to help them find a nanny. Your friends or relatives can play a vital role in helping you apply for this job.


The other method that can be used when applying for nannies job is through the internet.  These jobs are advertised online; hence you can make a direct application to the person that is need of your services.
Still on the use of internet, nannies agencies have emerged to help link nannies and employers. You can register with these agencies to easily help you find nannies job.

Tips and comments

When working with agencies, it is important that you determine if they are legit or not. This is because there have been many case of nannies who have been deprived off their money. There are also cases where some people (nannies) have gone missing or taken into slavery by scam nanny agents. You need to ensure that you have linked to your employer, you have his or her contacts (and given them to a close friend or family member just in case of anything, they can trace your whereabouts). You also need to be aware of the amount of money you are to be paid and working conditions.

When applying for nannies jobs, it is advised that you should not make any payments. This is one way of ascertaining that the site you are applying to is a scam. All you need to do is to register with the agency and look forward to getting a job. It is advised that you compare job opportunities that might crop up and avoid jumping on any chance that comes your way. This will help you get an ideal nannies job that you will be comfy with and earn the required salary.