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How to find job in US?

Published at 01/10/2012 19:10:05

How To find a Job in the US

In this time of economic downturn, nearly everyone’s priority is staying employable or finding a job. Most immigrants in the US’ number one desire is to strike gold and make a good life for themselves in this country. It is never that simple to find the all too elusive job, considering even indigenous citizens are currently being laid off in massive downsizing exercises. This however, does not mean, one is entirely doomed to joblessness in the United States of America. There is light at the end of the tunnel if you follow a few pointers. 



Step 1

One of the simplest ways to find a job in America is through online job placement sites. All you need is internet connection and your resume in soft copy. This way you can apply easily by uploading your curriculum vitae. The benefit of this is that, the applicant’s CV is already present in the database, in case a job that suits their profile is posted, they can easily be contacted. These sites also post vacancies regularly and notify registered job seekers on email.

Step 2

Secondly we have employment agents who at times liaise with American embassies or travel agents. These agents help people seeking greener pastures in the US by placing them in already existing vacancies. Most are connected to head hunters in the US, thus giving them an upper hand in accessing jobs within this country. This method however will cost one a registration fee.

Step 3

Thirdly, one must remember the strength of networks when job hunting in America. Foreigner or not, attending events, meetings parties and widens your circle of interaction. Most foreigners have professional and cultural events hosted by their embassies. In such a setting, the job seeker can meet potential employers or other industry players who can prove to be useful leads in landing a job.


Lastly, one can work on a job created by themselves, otherwise known as self employment. It is work, right? You needn’t work for someone in order to be in a job. A home based business for starters can be a great way to begin, or an online business based on selling or procuring goods over the internet. An example is selling curios from one’s home country to people in the US. Or freelance writing, designing and selling greeting cards. This way, you do not require too much capital, and the return on investments can be ploughed back into the business for a possible expansion.

One needs to be careful however, since there are job scams. You may be charged hefty non-refundable registration fees, yet you walk away unassisted. Most are tempted to keep trying. It is wise to ask around before spending money on such websites or agencies. Talk to successful candidates of this method of job hunting, then let them refer you or assist you get a legitimate head hunting agency. Also, there exists unsafe rackets of human trafficking posing as employment agents. One must be wary of such, alertness is key before accepting a job.


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