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How to apply for hotel jobs in Texas

Published at 01/16/2012 19:42:58

How to Apply For Hotel Jobs in Texas

The state of Texas is a multi-ethnic state being the second largest in the United States. It has several top notch hotels to attract the high net worth who frequent the state as well as the wealthy residents there. To apply for hotel jobs in Texas, it is necessary that you have academic qualification in hospitality. However, experience in the hospitality industry would also be considered without full academic accreditation or be considered an added advantage if a candidate has both. The best way to go through your application is checking for vacant positions on recruiting websites specifically for hotel jobs.

Step 1

Start by identifying a hotel you would like to work in and check for the available vacancies on their website. This may be slow because it takes time going through all the hotels’ websites one at a time. Most large hotels that attract foreign investors would be looking to recruit individuals who have wide experience and have worked in different parts of the world. Search engines are a good way to find the several recruiting websites available for hotel jobs in Texas. The first step is to search for hotel jobs in Texas on the search engine. A variety of recruiting websites will come up and the most popular and credible ones will most likely be at the top.

Step 2

After going through the jobs on the recruitment websites, it is necessary to confirm the validity of that job on the hotel’s website. Mostly, the search engine tells the mode by which the job should be applied, whether online application or just a simple email. Established institutions outsource the recruitment process to executive recruitment firms which often require applicants to apply through a rigorous online process. This may involve aptitude tests which may take a bit of the applicant’s time. The application process may be done from anywhere and the employer will want to know the nationality of the applicant as well as the place of residence.

Step 3

The online application is the second step of applying for  hotel jobs is Texas. This process involves short listing whereby, successful candidates are informed they are through to the next step while unsuccessful candidates receive a regret letter. For the successful candidates, the recruiter would want to meet them at this point to have a face to face verbal interview. For foreign applicants who are non-residents, some recruiters will agree to a video conference interview. Other hotels may require you to be there physically while others may conduct the whole process through the internet. At this point, academic certificates and other testimonials are required to validate the information given by the applicant.


The main source of finding and applying for jobs in Texas is the internet. One only needs to be carefully to source the jobs from trusted sites. It is also important to check the reviews of recruitment agencies. The hotel’s website is the main reference point for true information.

Be sure to note these very vital points when applying for hotel jobs in Texas;

  1. Provide certification for any hotel education you have received.
  2. Utilize search engines to get hotel jobs that are applicable and promising.
  3. Follow whatever instructions are provided when filling in the application form.


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