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How to find medical jobs in USA

Published at 01/16/2012 19:48:26

How to Find Medical Jobs in USA

The United States of America has plenty of opportunities in the field of medicine. The medical staff in the United States is both local and foreign. To apply for a medical jobs in USA it is necessary that you have attained the relevant academic certifications in the study of medicine. These may vary since applicants may range from nursing, to general practitioners, to surgeons. Experience is an important factor that employers will consider when trying to hire someone for medical jobs in USA especially if the person is a foreigner.

Step 1

Medical students may find medical jobs  in USA through an internship to fulfill their graduation requirements. The best way to get an intern position is by consulting with your medical lecturers, if you reside in the USA. Another option is to identify a hospital you would like to work in and check for available vacancies on their website.

Step 2

Most hospitals are actually schools of medicine and may prefer to hire students from their own school. However, if the curriculum offered by another school is similar to that of the prospective employer, it is likely that the application will be considered. Search engines are a good way to find medical associations in the USA which arrange for internships and jobs for medical practitioners. The first step is to search for medical associations and any job offerings in USA. This can either be through medical institutions you know or through search engines. A variety of medical associations in the USA are online and so it is easy to locate them.

Step 3

After going through the jobs on the various websites, pick out those that are related to your area of specialization. The process of finding medical jobs in USA differs somewhat. It does not entail simply finding the job and applying for it. These jobs are usually highly rated and a lot of responsibility comes with the job. In addition, numerous people are looking to find the same job from the states and around the world. As such, aptitude tests may be issued to determine the best candidates for the position.

Step 4

If you are among those who pass the test, the application process then begins. This is where you enter your details to see if you are approved for the job. This may be done from anywhere in the world though you have to indicate your nationality as well as your current place of residence. If you are in the USA, the recruiter might want to meet you at this point to have a face to face interview. For foreign applicants who are non-residents, some recruiters will agree to video conferencing. At this point, it might be advisable to have started your visa application process. A work visa in this case will be necessary.


To avoid disappointment, be sure to look for medical jobs in more than five institutions. This will certainly open up more opportunities for you. Do not be discouraged if you receive a rejection letter or email. Just be persistent and keep on trying until you get that acceptance letter.

Points to review on when looking for  medical jobs in the USA;

  1. Be aware that there are many medical facilities listed online with job opportunities. Take advantage and apply to as many as you can.
  2. Keep to your area of study when looking for a medical jobs in the US.
  3. Do not let a rejection letter demoralize; instead take it as a chance to look into more medical facilities.
  4. Utilize whatever resources you have to find medical jobs in USA. Your lecturers can be helpful in offering recommendations.