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Best salaries for jobs retail

Published at 01/21/2012 07:24:23

Best Salaries for Jobs Retail

There are a host of jobs retail to choose from at the retail level of business. However, some are more prestigious than others in comparison. If we begin by using salaries as the parameter, you will be able to tell whether your jobs retail is truly one of the best, or is trailing at the bottom of the list. Most of the jobs retail in the market involves sales and marketing duties, or pushing stock off the shelves. Others involve customer service or manning the cash register. Let us start off by reviewing the best five salaries for retail jobs across the states.

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Container store happens to pay its employees one of the highest hourly rates in the industry. It was ranked by Forbes and Glassdoor as one of the best top ten jobs retail employers. The great work environment and benefits enjoyed by the employees are a plus too. The storage and organizational goods outlet is situated in Texas. Container store boasts the highest hourly pay of: $12.76. No wonder its sales associates are happy.

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At $12.29 per hour, the retail sales associates enjoy maximum benefit for their daily toil. This happens only in Nordstrom. The clothing store serves premier clientele with clothes made by top designers in the big apple. With high end designs in their stock from Chanel to Burberry, It is not a wonder the jobs retail sales team get rewarded only too handsomely.

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Coming third is jobs retail store Sephora. The sales people at this esteemed beauty products giant in the United States take home a cool $12.15 per hour. Sephora stocks fragrances, eye make up, like mascara, high end eye shadow and blushes. They also have moisturisers, cleansers and hair products. We have not yet mentioned that there exists hefty bonuses when sales are good, to motivate the employees to work harder.

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Fourth favourite retail payer is Home Depot. The multinational retail store pretty much stocks everything under one roof in the area of appliances. Regardless of the price cuts that Home Depot made during the recession, employee salaries remained steady at $12.13 per hour. They also have performance related packages like bonuses to boost the morale of employees. Not bad for fourth place, in jobs retail, don’t you agree?

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Standing at $11.65 per hour, Bloomingdales if the fifth best retail salary there is. The jobs retail retail store deals in designer clothing for an array of target markets. They also have children and women’s clothing, home furniture, appliances and kitchenware. The sales people here say this is a pretty decent figure considering the economic downturn had salaries cut. However, you need to sell, sell, and sell in order to keep that figure on your pay cheque.


These are not all; you can look out for more of the best jobs retail salaries in the Forbes website. Some of the other retail jobs may not have been named here like those of shift supervisors and such. Another source of information that can provide you with such statistics is your search engine. You can use it to search for the top ten jobs retail.

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