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Top 10 jobs in education

Education a vast field to serve the nation

Learning is considered to be a continuous on going cycle which never ends. It does not matter that you are learning from a traditional way of getting education in a class room or it is part of your daily interaction right from a kid to an old aged man. With the intention to enhance one’s educational qualifications and broaden the horizon of thought process

We can keep the children, teenagers students aside for a moment as they are the conventionally known to be a student category but why do adults enroll for education? Answer goes very simple today that they intend to learn. This makes a huge potential for jobs education.

Step 1

Education- an obvious activity for every kid

If you look at the history in an observant manner then you will realize that education is a part of the system since inception of mankind. Whether it was a Chankya teaching to Chandragupta or Dronacharya to Pandav and Kaurav etc, famous personalities were witnessed performing jobs education from time to time. Today, there are millions of education jobs available and looking for qualified professionals.

Managing education

Elementary education currently expected to grow up by almost 10% by year 2016 which includes only primary education. In addition to this due to scarcity of jobs education, the number of people moving back to the learning schools to attain a degree which can fetch them either a job education or some other job. It does not matter about the reason of increase in enrollment but it simply implies an increase in jobs education

But this is equally evident that most of the jobs education is in the hands of the people over the age of 45 years. Moreover, President Obama's allocation of $53 billion to education will surely provide a boost to jobs education.

So, what can help?

If you are looking for a job education, following are the 10 jobs to consider -

1. Adult education, education related to the remedial field

2. Cooks employed in various schools make large quantities of food for school breakfast, lunch and after-school. One of the major campaign launched by Indian government named “Mid Day Meal”.

3. Sports teachers/Coaches teaching sports to the potential players of tomorrow.

4. Administrators of education are the in-charge of academic and nonacademic activities

5. Housekeeping staff keep schools neat and clean in all areas of the premises

6. Professors are usually performing jobs education at college and university levels in their field of specialty.

7. Drivers of the school bus take students to and from school,

8. Counselors at schools work with students on various issues and concerns.

9. Vocational teachers who teach nonacademic courses that people may use as the or hobby or will do in their free time.

10. Special education teachers teach educationally and physically handicapped students basic academic and life

Jobs education is considered to be a field similar to the healthcare field which is continuously working towards the betterment of the mankind. It is also responsible to shape up the future of a nation.


By Nikky Prasad, published at 01/14/2012
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Top 10 jobs in education. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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