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10 highes paying government jobs

Published at 01/13/2012 13:55:13

Government jobs vs. private jobs

Many years back, if you compared public sector with the private sector for jobs, definitely the private sector was the answer as the private sector was always thought to have the highest paying jobs. It is even true nowadays but in the private sector, you are no longer secure as many companies are going bankrupt and anytime, you can lose your job and become unemployed. Your future is less secure in private sector jobs. Even if you are earning a lot right now, you can go broke anytime in the future. For security, public sector is the best place to get a job. However, if you get ANY job in the public sector, the salary will be too low to even provide for the daily grocery of your household. There are some high paying jobs in the public sector which will really build your whole future if you get one of those jobs. However, those jobs are held by the elected officials and it is very hard to get to those positions. These jobs will give you more responsibilities than you can ever dream of but even after your public service ends, you will be in high demand for paid speaking gigs and memoirs. You can write books by sharing the knowledge you will get from the office and earn money for the rest of your life. 

Step 1

10 high paying jobs

1. President: The president is the nation’s leader and figurehead and he is responsible for all the major issues in the country. He is the commander in chief of the armed forces and all the important decisions he makes hold great importance for the country. The president’s salary is $400,000 per year and his service is for 8 years.

2. Postmaster general: The vice president should have the second highest paying job but it is the postmaster general who has the second highest paying job. The postmaster general is the leader of the US postal service and is responsible for deciding on rates and services. The postmaster general overseas all major regulation changes. His job length is 8 years and his salary is $245,000.

3. Vice president: Vice president is responsible for helping the president in all of his responsibilities. He is supposed to be the next president if something happens to the president. His salary is $227,000 and his job length is 8 years.

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4. Speaker of the house: his salary is $ 223,500 and he is the responsible for setting his party’s agenda and presiding over the house.

5. Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff: His salary is $220, 734 and he is the commander of the US armed forces.

6. Chief justice of supreme court: He is the head of the US federal court system and his salary is $217,400.

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7. Chairman of the federal reserve: He is head of the federal banking reserve of the US. His salary is $199,700 per year.

8. Senate majority leader: His salary is $193,400 and this is a new position which came after the 20th century.

9. Secretary of treasury: He is the principal economic advisor for the president.

10. Secretary of state: He is the chief diplomatic representative of the US.

Government jobs in history

Getting a high paying government job was never very easy. You need to win the election to get one of those jobs and to win the election, history tells us how difficult it is. It requires running campaigns and proving yourself to be the best person for the public interest who will really bring a change in the country. It requires studying from the best colleges and universities and then diving into the politics. It also requires natural talents and abilities to politically gain everyone’s confidence.