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How to apply for hospitality jobs in your area

Published at 01/22/2012 17:45:28


Hospitality sector has become a major industry and it has grown rapidly in last decade or so. Due to hospitality sector, many jobs have been created and there is huge demand for professionals in this sector. To meet the demands of hospitality sector various professional courses have been designed by the universities and private training schools. Millions of students are doing hospitality related courses and many have already completed training for hospitality jobs. Jobs in hospitality firms are always increasing and they are in great demand. There is always shortage of skilled workers in hospitality industry.

If you are looking for a job in hospitality industry then you should try to explore jobs in this sector in your area itself. Companies prefer to hire candidates who stay near to the office so that they don’t have problem traveling to the office. Companies like to hire people who are punctual for work. Due to heavy traffic during office hours many people find it very difficult to reach their office on time, especially those who stay far away from the office.


Step 1

Hospitality industries have variety of job openings like Chefs, Wedding Planners, Travel and Tour Guides, Pursers, Hotel Front Desk Assistants, Food and Beverage Staffs, Dietitians, Event and Conference Planners, Bakers, Ticket and Airline Passenger Agents, Bartenders, Cooks, Flight Attendants, Food Service Supervisors, Hotel Managers, Food Service and Restaurant Managers as well as Travel Counselors.

To apply for hospitality jobs in your area, you first need to identify the companies which are in hospitality business. Once you know the companies in your area, you can personally approach the HR of the company to know about the vacant positions in their firm. Even if the position is not vacant, make sure to submit your Resume for further reference. You can also apply online for hospitality job in your area. You can apply online through any job portal or through the website of a firm in hospitality sector.

You should also get in touch with human resource consultants in your area and submit your CV to them. Almost all the companies in hospitality sector have tie-ups with human resource consultants for hiring best candidates for their firm. Human resource consultancy have very large database of candidates with experience. Hospitality industry requires candidates with proven skills and it comes only with experience. Human resource consultants actually understand the needs of their clients in a better way which helps them to head-hunt the right candidate for their client.


My experience says that hospitality jobs are the best and more stable then the jobs in other sectors. If you apply for hospitality jobs in your area then getting it will be easy because companies prefer local candidates. Human resource consultancies are very beneficial when it comes to getting a job in a certain area because they have hospitality clients in all the areas. The best way to get into hospitality jobs in your area is by directly approaching the company and meeting the concerned recruitment head or head of the department in which you wish to apply for a job.

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