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Best legal jobs for paralegal secretaries

Published at 01/21/2012 07:36:59

Best Legal Jobs for Paralegal Secretaries

Paralegals help out attorneys by performing legal jobs under the said attorney’s supervision. They have the necessary training required to assist a lawyer. However, their job description is restricted whereby, they may assist in legal matters but they may not offer legal advice, endorse court filed documents, offer legal representation in court or set up legal fees. Their jobs are available in government offices, law firms, organizations and small law practices.

Step 1

To get the best legal jobs as a paralegal secretary, some form of education or training is necessary. Even though a basic paralegal certificate will get you a job, to have wider market opportunities, a bachelor’s degree is necessary. Your chances are further increased if you have the degree and a paralegal certificate and, you have passed the paralegal examination. The recession has slowed down many jobs but the paralegal sector continues to thrive. Paralegals are in high demand too because of the increase in lawyer fees, which many clients cannot afford. So, to get the best legal jobs, get the necessary accreditation and some experience as a paralegal.

Step 2

Besides education, and experience, proficiency in legal matters is necessary for any credible paralegal. You must be committed to the legal field. This is because there is constant research required with each case. This means that a lot of time has to be dedicated to the job. The skills required to get the best legal jobs entail comprehension of federal and state laws, court procedures, legal jargon and a vast knowledge of the case at hand. Communication is vital and it must be precise and sound. A good work ethic is a must to effectively manage the load of work that comes with each case.

Step 3

A few outstanding legal jobs that a paralegal can look into include corporate law jobs that may involve mergers and inquisitions, form and dissolve corporations, private equity, venture capital and risk. There are also class action law jobs which entail securities litigation, class action defense, among others. Other law areas where paralegals are needed include bankruptcy, immigration, tax, real estate and trust and estates cases, just to mention a few.

Good paralegal jobs afford you a great salary, benefits and a pension. There are many job openings in the paralegal sector especially in government offices. Early retirement of paralegals is the reason for the legal jobs available. Many law firms too, especially those involved in family and bankruptcy law, are increasingly hiring paralegals. There is no law sector that is not currently looking for paralegals and the demand is set to increase for the next six or so years. If you are looking to start a career in law, now is the time. However, opt to be a paralegal as opposed to a lawyer because, legal jobs are presently very few for lawyers and the pay is poor compared to what paralegals are getting.


Therefore, to go about getting a paralegal job;
1. Have the relevant education, certificates and experience to increase your hiring chances.
2. Apply for legal jobs in government offices as they have numerous openings.
3. Be intelligent and knowledgeable in matters pertaining to law and law terminologies.
4. Your communication and research skills have to be top notch. These are necessary tools for a successful paralegal.


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