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How to get cleaning jobs in london

Published at 01/31/2012 19:37:19


Cleaning London jobs are more readily available because every household, company and organisation needs an extra hand when it comes to keeping it clean and immaculate. There are numerous ways of getting a cleaning job in London and all it takes is time and tenacity. Many different types of cleaning or domestic jobs are available in London, as well as the majority of its surrounding cities. So how does anyone looking for these cleaning London jobs go about searching for, and ultimately securing them? Many of these people are being forced to find jobs, other than their initial choices. It’s therefore a good idea to know how to get cleaning London jobs.

Step 1

A lot of companies and households advertise vacancies in their local newspaper and newsletters, therefore getting a hold of the local London newspapers and looking through the classifieds could assist in finding the most suitable cleaning job in London. It is important to take note of what the job advertisers are looking for and if you meet their requirements and criteria. For instance, if a company advertises that they need a cleaner to clean on weekday mornings and you are not available during mornings, it is a waste of time to apply for the position.

Step 2

The internet has fast become one of the most used and convenient ways to advertise job vacancies. Simply searching for cleaning London jobs in your preferable search engine could give you a list of the available cleaning jobs. Again it is important to check if you meet the job requirements and criteria before applying. Another useful tip when using the internet is checking the date at which the advert was posted. This is very important as it will save you time from applying for jobs that were posted months ago.

Step 3

Registering for a free online recruitment agency is another easy way to help one find cleaning London jobs. Recruitment agencies offer search engines that can show results of recently posted jobs in the field of interest. Recruiters work with companies that require employees and once you have registered you can select the option of being notified when any new cleaning vacancies have been advertised on the recruitment site, meaning you can be one of the first few to apply for the job. By simply uploading your curriculum vitae to the website, recruiters then send your CV to all suitable soon-to-be employers. In some instances recruiters do offer advice for interviews.


Finding cleaning London jobs is easy when you know where and how to look. It is important to go out and put yourself out there to get the job that you need. If you are called for an interview, make sure you impress. Employers and recruitment agents are looking for the best candidates when it comes to cleaning London jobs. The competition on the other hand is tough, so you will need to prove to the employer that you are the best candidate for the job. London is a big city and there are thousands of people looking for the same position. You therefore need to be strong and brave.

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