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10 Best public jobs

Published at 01/19/2012 14:35:31

10 Best public jobs

Those of us who live in countries where the public jobs pays better than the private sector jobs, would be most interested in this article. There are public jobs almost all of us would want to grab a hold of. Not only for the prestige that is attached to these public jobs, but also for the salaries they bring in. Do not forget the fringe benefits of these public jobs either. Outside elective office, some of these high paying public jobs bag annual pay of more than $ 85,000. They are covered in a wide array like law, science, finace and medicine. Here are the top ten best public jobs you will want to hold.

Step 1

The Commander in Chief

We shall start with the highest office in command. The American president. He/she earns 400,000 dollars per annum. It goes without sayin
that this is one of the most prestigious public jobs in the world but also the most demanding.

Step 2

Vice President

It is said the vice president is just a heart beat away from the presidency. In case any thing were to happen to the president, the vice president takes over automatically. This goes to show how powerfull and the respect the office of the vice president is accorded.

Step 3

The Speaker of the House

This senate majority leader enjoys a spot in the best public jobs list for great reason. Other than the powers vested in him by the constitution to carry out his or her duties, albeit without fear or favour, they earn a pretty penny for their effort. The figures are 223,000 dollars every twelve months. This is surely one of the most sought after public jobs world wide.

Step 4

Cabinet Secretary

The executive seems to enjoy the cream of the cake in the best public jobs. A cabinet secretary enjoys one too many benefits. The bodyguards and motorcade and of course the media attention that comes with the post makes this job a high demand one. Most are presidential appointees and their salary varies from country to country.

Step 5

Supreme Court Judge

They not only know the constitution back to back, but also enjoy the almost reverend treatment with which civilians handle them. This is one of the most respectable public jobs whether in the US or in the UK.

Step 6

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff:

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is one to the top public. This post is mostly filled when someone is appointed by the president. It comes with a lot of power and responsibility in comparison to most public jobs.

Step 7

Chairman of the Federal Reserve:

The Chairman of the Federal Reserve is in charge of the Federal banking system of the U.S. As head of the fed, He/seh dictates and explains the direction of U.S. fiscal policy and works with the Department of the Treasury. Of all public jobs this one rakes in a lot of income and influence in goverment.

Step 8

The Postmaster General

This job with a nice title is one of the best public jobs in America or in any other country. The post is held by the chief executive officer of the postal service of the American government or whichever country they are sitting in. In the United Kingdom, the Royal Mail Holdings has one chairman who manages the mail. The post master general bags a cool $245,000 every year.

Step 9


The Governor is like a mini president of a state, since he is elected by the constituents of a particular state and is in-charge of running the state,just like a president is in-charge of running a country. This is why most politicians dream becoming Governor to access the trappings of power that comes with it.

Step 10

The pope

He is one of the most revered public servants worldwide. He is never under too much pressure and is only answerable to the Vatican, which he heads. The monetary benefits are not in the public domain; however, it is common knowledge the Vatican is wealthy.


Most public jobs require people who are selfless and are ready to serve their community or country without expecting much in-return in-terms of monetary value, but just to have the respect and fulfilment of serving ones country.