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10 Best creative media jobs

Published at 01/21/2012 07:27:50

10 Best Creative Media Jobs

Creative media jobs are known for two main things; the amazing display of talent and the high pay. Creative media jobs are inspiring because they are not something that can be taught. Most of these creative media jobs are inborn which is why in most instances they are amazing. Even though creative media jobs will require skill and experience to perfect the art, creativity is what brings out the end product. There are many creative media jobs and because of the internet, the list continues to expand. The best of these jobs include;

Step 1

Artists and animators in multimedia – they entail a group of creative individuals who draw animated images by hand then transfer them onto the computer. Through different computer programs, the animated images are transformed into moving images incorporated in movies, motion pictures, commercials, TV programs and video games. This is one of the many creative media jobs that is bound to grow exponentially mainly due to video games.

Step 2

Movie director – a director has to be a very visual and creative person. He brings to life the initial concept of the movie. Of the many creative media jobs, this is one that calls for a lot of talent and sound decision making.

Step 3

Game designer – video games are an industry that brings in billions of dollars yearly. Game designers create games for different gaming devices including mobile phones. This is one of the top paying creative media jobs.

Step 4

Senior graphic artist – he or she is in charge of a group of graphic designers who come up with visual images for advertisement or communication purposes. The process of graphic design entails creativity through use of different design software and technique. Creative media jobs in graphic design are displayed on TV, billboards, magazines, corporate reports, newspapers, etc.

Step 5

Art director – the end product that goes to print for newspaper, magazines, billboards and journals is as a result of the decisions made by the art director. He or she has authority over designers. Of the many creative media jobs, this is one that requires a good eye for detail.

Step 6

Architecture – building concepts are intricate and no one knows this better than an architect. From formulating the design to determining its functionality, a lot has to be put into the whole process. The end product has to be safe, usable and aesthetically appealing. This is one of the most challenging creative media jobs.

Step 7

Fashion designer – fashion trends are always evolving. A fashion designer has to remain constantly updated in order to come up with designs that are modern and appropriate for the season. Fabrics, color and design play a major role in the outcome of clothes. A lot of renowned fashion designers in this line of creative media jobs hail from Europe.

Step 8

Senior interior designer – a house is not a home without the special input of an interior designer. The color, finish, and décor are just some of the things that senior interior designers supervise to ensure the home has that warm, peaceful atmosphere. Interior designers can also transform an office space into an enjoyable working space. Creative media jobs that entail interior design can be quite captivating.

Step 9

Senior web editor – web content will draw or repel clients from a site. It is the job of a web editor to ensure that what is included is relevant, fresh and up to date. The senior web editor supervises to ascertain it is pertinent.

Step 10

Senior book editor – one of the creative media jobs which requires a person to develop another’s creative skill.


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