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Psychic Advisor Jobs

Published at 03/18/2012 13:23:26

Introduction to Psychic Advisor Jobs

Psychic Advisor Jobs

Every day millions of people around the world approach psychics for advice. Only a small proportion of people worldwide are able to use their psychic powers to give advice to others, and because of this psychic advisor jobs are great ways to make money. Those who want psychic advisor jobs have the choice of working in the following ways:

  • On the phone
  • Via a live web chat
  • By email
  • Face-to-face

Finding work does not have to be challenging, and many psychics now choose to operate in many different ways. The ones who work as phone psychics do so from home. They receive incoming calls from people who want to speak to psychics and get paid a per-minute fee for doing so. Live web chats operate on a similar basis. Psychics will work for a live advice website and chat to those who want advice. Occasionally, psychics can give email readings for a set fee. And finally, giving advice on a face-to-face basis involves giving psychic readings in person.

History of Psychic Advisor Jobs

Psychic Advisor Jobs

In the past those who have worked in psychic advisor jobs have gone by a wide variety of names. In the medieval and middle ages psychics would often be called spiritualists, and many of them were women. As well as using their psychic powers, spiritualists would use other ways of telling the future, such as tarot cards and crystal balls.

In the 1980s phone psychics became popular. Psychics would advertise their services in the back of magazines, or via TV adverts. Those who wanted to get advice from them would then call up, pay a set fee using their credit card and get a reading. Today this is one of the most popular psychic advisor jobs, as customers can pay using their phone bill.

In the late nineties when the internet became popular and accessible, psychics began offering their services online. While some would give readings using MSN, others would use live advice sites and email.

Features of Psychic Advisor Jobs

Psychic Advisor Jobs

Psychic advisor jobs are very convenient. As well as allowing those who have spiritual abilities to help others, they are very flexible and enjoyable. Here are some key features that often appeal to people:

  • The earning potential is unlimited. The more you work, the more you earn. On average, most psychics earn more money per-hour than other workers.
  • You can set your own hours. People often want advice around the clock, which means if you want to work at 2am, you can work at 2am. This is only the case for those who work via phone, email, and live web-chat.
  • You decide how much you charge. If you feel your talents mean you should earn a certain amount per-hour, set your fee so that you will earn that. This is something that can only be done with independent psychic advice companies, web-chat, face-to-face, and emails. If you work for generic companies they may set your fee for you.

Tips for Psychic Advisor Jobs

If you do choose to look at psychic advisor jobs, you should make sure you feel spiritually cleansed before you give each reading. One of the biggest secrets to psychic success is making sure you feel happy, as your happy vibes will make your customer happy too. Try the following techniques:

  • Meditate before you give a reading.
  • Light some incense while you are giving a reading.
  • Say positive affirmations each morning, like "I am going to be successful and make people happy today"
  • Take a break between each reading.

In addition to this, you should market yourself just as you would with any other form of job or business. If you are working independently as a psychic advisor, set up your own blog, make the most of websites like Twitter and post on forums. By doing all those things, you will find that you become very successful indeed.