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How To Get Pa Jobs Easily

Published at 01/21/2012 06:46:39

How To Get PA Jobs Easily

A Personal Assistant (PA) is a secretary/administrative assistant seconded to a senior executive or director of an organisation. The PA is supposed to lessen the workload for the executive by performing administrative and secretarial tasks such as research, filing records in soft and hard copy, word processing using the computer to produce letters, reports, and general mail, handling telephone calls and receiving visitors on behalf of the boss, and prioritizing the boss’s diary.

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Among other wide-ranging duties, the PA may also stand-in for the executive when s/he is out of office and also supervises junior staff. It is therefore recommended that the PA be knowledgeable about all aspects of the organisation and be equipped with managerial and people skills. This is because s/he will double up as the public relations officer and manager of that office and in many instances may act as the official spokesperson for the executive. PA jobs are therefore very demanding.

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Business related qualifications such as administration and secretarial studies may also come in handy, as can experiences in handling office issues. The job is very hands-on, and the PA will often be required to accompany his/her boss to business trips abroad and to put in long hours oftentimes well beyond the normal office hours as s/he attends to the bosses’ demands or attempts to beat a tight deadline.

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Additionally, the PA is responsible for ensuring that the boss is well briefed on the content of meetings before attending them and preparing him/her for meetings, scheduling and prioritizing the executive’s diary, and arranging for accommodation and travel for business meetings abroad. PA jobs are essentially management positions, as incumbents are responsible for daily budgeting and accounts, and works closely with the management.


A personal assistant is involved in the day to day decision making process in the organisation. Here are five important things to remember when seeking to land lucrative PA jobs that will give you a head-start over the competition:
  • A PA is often picked from within the organisation and members of staff who the executive considers loyal and hardworking are considered for PA jobs. Being close to management is advantageous for PA jobs.
  • Getting relevant training for PA jobs may be a plus. Consider training such as the Pitman Executive PA Diploma.
  • Try to work your way up as an intern in a busy office environment to garner the necessary experience for PA jobs. Most organisations require a minimum of two years experience.
  • A PA is essentially a close confidante of the executive. It is important to create a relationship based on mutual respect for the confidences gained by virtue of your close and daily interactions with your boss. Eventually, most executives will pick candidates for PA jobs who they are comfortable with and with whom they feel their secrets are best kept.
  • Lastly, always endevour to learn as much as you can about the business your boss runs, since s/he will most often than not turn to you for professional advice on occasion.

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