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10 skills needed to work social jobs

Published at 01/21/2012 07:19:53

Ten Vital Skills Required for Social Jobs

Society is often faced with a myriad challenges ranging from social ills, natural calamities, economic turbulence etc. The many troubles that individuals face can oftentimes seem overwhelming and people are often faced by stark realities which they seem incapable of facing on their own.

If these issues are unresolved, widespread suicidal tendencies, homicides and the predilection of humans to slide towards general anarchy may be the resultant scenario. This naturally does not augur well for the general wellbeing of the human race. Enter the social worker. Social workers are trained people who have the capacity to heal, as it were, the wounds inflicted by life’s beatings.

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They are professionals who help people cope with stressful situations such as deaths and disabilities, job loss, natural calamities, and economic decline. They do this by making easier the adaptation process and helping people better understand and manage the transition in that period of their lives.

Some also write grants and act as policy advocates to help bring about desired change in governance for the common good. For many people in social jobs, the reward is in the good deed itself, and many view it as a calling rather than a job. It is no wonder that an overwhelming majority of such workers are to be found in the vast body of volunteers that are to be found in far flung remote places where their services are often most needed.  

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Social jobs fulfill a vital communal need and can be immensely gratifying. Social jobs also have their challenges, not least of which is the propensity to view humanity at its lowest and which can be troubling. For example, working with people who have been ravaged by war and are cold and unfed can present humanity at its most dehumanized and vulnerable. It is oftentimes depressing.

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Social jobs can be found in almost any environment including hospitals, government and non-governmental agencies, relief agencies etc and social workers are trained to provide much-needed intervention for people with psychological, emotional, financial, health, relationship, and substance abuse issues.

Social jobs require at least an advanced degree and knowledge in basic psychology among other requirements. A person fit for social jobs must be empathetic and truly concerned about the well being of others. As noted earlier, social jobs may require of one to make immense personal sacrifice, oftentimes suffering personal discomfort or even danger to their person as they endevour to provide saccour to the downtrodden.


Social jobs can therefore be seen as a calling and not merely to satisfy an individual’s quest for personal gain or short-lived fame. Below are ten skills for social workers:
  • An educator
  • A care-giver
  • Psychology skills
  • Supportive
  • Empathetic
  • Ethical
  • Resourceful
  • Problem solver
  • Perceptive
  • Patient

These skills and qualities can help the social worker to help the people that are under his/her care. Social jobs require people with a genuine interest in helping others, and many professional in this field have been known to set up thriving institutions attracting a lot of funds from well wishers due to their good work.

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