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How To Search Job Databases

Published at 01/23/2012 19:20:44


These days jobs are very hard to come by due to recession. Many countries are still reeling under recession and this is the reason why unemployment rate has gone up drastically. Recession in the year 2008 broke the backbone of many fresh graduates and also of many experienced candidates who got pink slip because of cost cutting or closure of firm. Even now, there are not many jobs in the market. People are still finding very hard to get jobs of their choice.

Step 1

There are candidates who are very talented but they don’t have a job and the reason why they don’t have a job is because they don’t know how to search job databases. It is important to search job according to your specialization. Gone are the days when candidates had to apply for job after checking ads in the newspapers. These days internet has become source for job advertisement. All companies have their own website and they put all their vacancies on their own portal. Companies also use job portals to advertise job vacancies in their firm.

To search job through a job portal, you have to mention the profile you are looking for in the search box, make sure to select the industry type and then press the search button. There is option for salary and domain as well as sub-domain that you are looking for but all these things are optional and they can be avoided but if you provide complete detail then the search result gets refined and you get exactly what you are looking for. Always remember to mention your experience.

Step 2

All job portals have same kind of user interface for searching jobs but their searching methodologies are different. Some job portals use simple ‘keyword’ technique to search jobs while some use multiple ‘keyword’ search algorithm. Human resource consultants also have to search job database from their system so that they can get right candidate for their client. HR consultants have large database of candidates which they use for their clients.

Step 3

HR consultants have many clients and according to their clients requirement they search candidates from their database. HR consultants also have to search job databases. Many consultants work on commission basis, in a way that if they are able to get right candidate for a company then they get their commission; these jobs are the ones which are advertised on the job portals.


To search job, it is necessary to know your requirements. You should know which company you want to work with and what is your salary expectation. Before you search job database and apply for a job, you should upload your complete CV/Resume so that the companies can shortlist you for an interview. A professional looking CV will help you to get an interview call. If you are a fresh graduate, make sure to search jobs on a portal which are meant for fresh candidates. Of course, there are separate job sites for fresh candidates but generally all job portals have option for fresh as well as experienced candidates. So hurry-up, right now start searching a job database and get a job of your dream.