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How To Find Entry Jobs

Published at 01/23/2012 01:14:49


It is difficult to find entry level jobs. Worldwide, there is dearth of jobs due to the sagging economy. Entry jobs are very hard to come by for fresh graduates. Entry level jobs are available across various verticals. Multi-national companies hire and train fresh graduates through their graduate programs, but not all fresh graduates are lucky to get into a multi-national company. Many graduates, as well as undergraduates who look for entry jobs, have to struggle to get any type of job.

Step 1

To find entry jobs, you should first of all make a CV/resume. Remember to make a professional looking CV because it makes a tremendous impact on a company's human resources department. Only those CVs that are short-listed and provide in-depth details of a candidate's skills and education, usually get any attention.

To find entry level jobs, you should approach human resource consultants because they have loads entry level jobs. All companies hire candidates at entry level through human resource consultants. These consultants don’t charge the candidate for their services. If you are a fresh graduate or an undergraduate looking for entry jobs, then never pay anything to any human resource consultant for their service because companies which hire candidates pay the consultant. Consultants that ask for money from the candidates are bound to be bogus, so remember you should not pay a penny to anyone who promises to get you an entry level job.

Step 2

The best way to get an entry level job is through campus hiring. If you are studying and are in your final year of college, then make sure to attend interviews on the campus. Many companies visit the campuses of various universities and colleges to hire talented students who are fresh on the job market. Always remember to complete your degree in a university or college that is known for campus placement. Not all colleges and universities provide campus placement. If you are hired through a campus placement then you don’t have to worry about your future. The salary is also very good for students who are hired through the campus.

Step 3

If you don’t get hired through a campus, then you can personally approach the companies for a job and submit your resume and CV. Entry jobs are not easy to get because candidates have to clear various tests and group discussions to get a job. These days there are less jobs and more candidates. Do not ask a potential employer about the salary during the because as an employee new to the job market you are not expected to dictate terms to the company as far as salary negotiation is concerned.

To get entry jobs, you should register on various job portals and upload your CV on all of them. After registering, make sure to apply for jobs of your choice. Also, upload your CV on college and university websites and mention your interests and expectations as far as salary is concerned. The Internet is a very great tool for getting an entry level job.


If you are looking for entry jobs then acquire some skills because companies like to hire candidates who are trained. Enhance your people skills because it is the most important thing required to survive in a corporate job. You should be a very good speaker, listener and presenter. You should be good in public speaking and you should have a positive attitude.

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