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How To Bid on Job Lots As a Freelancer

Published at 01/24/2012 23:59:53


The recession has hit everyone very hard. Though many people would say that the recession is a thing of past, the fact is that economy of many countries is still down and companies are finding it very difficult to carry their businesses freely.

Many companies are still in a cost-cutting mode and this is the reason why there are very less jobs in the market. People are finding it very difficult to get a job and the unemployment rate has gone up. Companies want workers who are efficient and cost effective, but they can’t hire full-time employees because they are not financially fit.

Step 1

There are many fresh graduates who are finding it very difficult to get a job, as well as many retired professionals who want to work but no company is ready to hire fresh or experienced people.

The Internet has opened a gateway for companies as well as unemployed individuals. There are many freelancing websites through which companies can hire freelancing individuals at a very low cost for which they would have to pay 10 times more to a full-time employee.

Whether you are unemployed or not, you can work as a freelancer from home. To work as a freelancer, you only need to have a PC/laptop and an Internet connection. You can work across various verticals from your home/office. You don’t have to travel to work as a freelancer.

Step 2

You have to register on various freelance websites to start bidding on job lots. However, before you start to bid on job lots, you have to supply certain documents to verify your name and location.

To work on various freelance websites, you should have an account for electronic money transfers like PayPal or Moneybookers. Whenever you earn money from a project, it is transferred to PayPal or Moneybookers and from there you can transfer it to your bank.

Once your identity is verified, you can start bidding on job lots. Create a profile that can attract employers, be sure to mention your skills and experience.

Step 3

While bidding on job lots, make sure that it is affordable not just to the employers but also to you and make sure that you complete the project in the stipulated timeframe. As a new freelancer with no experience, you should try to work for less money to show your skills, once you get good feedback, more work is bound to follow from many other companies.

As a freelancer, you should only bid on job lots which you think you can complete. Never bid on projects which you can’t complete because employers will give you worst possible feedback which can ruin your freelancing career.


When you bid on job lots keep the bid amount such that the employer can accept the bid and the bid should be unique. Also remember to add details about your experience before you forward your bid to the employer. Freelancing jobs are very challenging and demanding, sometimes you don’t get what you deserve but you should not become disheartened because if your work is good, then a flow of work and money will increase with time; therefore, you continue bidding on job lots.

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