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How To Find Jobs in Sales

Published at 01/24/2012 22:48:33


All businesses are driven by sales. Without selling their products or services, a business cannot survive. Products are manufactured so that they can be sold to the target consumers. If sale of products is not done, then companies will shut down with heavy loss. Companies have to hire sales professional to sell their products. Without having a sales team it becomes very difficult to sell products or services. Sales jobs are available throughout the year, this is one domain which has very less effect of recession.

Step 1

Jobs in sales are very easy to get because these are hire and fire jobs. Sales jobs are said to be evergreen because they are available throughout the year. The main reason why sales jobs are available throughout the year is because they are very high pressure jobs and are target-oriented.

To find jobs in sales, you should register yourself on different job portals. When you register yourself on job portals, mention that you are looking for jobs in sales. Choose the marketing and sales category while submitting your CV. Once you upload your CV, start searching for jobs in sales and start applying to various companies. Check the products or services the company sells before you apply for a job.

Step 2

Resource consultants are the best way to find jobs in sales. You can find sales jobs within manufacturing, IT and many other verticals. Consultants always have large number of sales jobs in various cities and countries. If you register yourself with different consultants, you will get many interview opportunities in the sales domain.

Even under-graduates can get entry level jobs in sales. In sales, more than education companies prefer to hire people with sales skills at various levels. MBA’s are preferred for managerial role.

Step 3

Before you accept a sales job, make sure that you understand all the terms. More than 95 percent of jobs in sales are field jobs, but there are tele-calling jobs in sales domain especially in call-centers. Sales jobs in call-centers have increased drastically. Call-center based sales jobs mainly deal with international sales. To find call-center based sales jobs, you can apply through any job consultant or through a call-center itself. Consultants have tons of call-center based sales jobs.


Before you decide to find jobs in sales, make sure you are up to it because sales jobs are easy to get but are very difficult to sustain in long run. On every sales-professional, there is day-in and day-out pressure from the company to meet sales target. The day you don’t meet your sales target, remember your days in the company might be numbered and you may get the pink slip in few months or days. Before you take a plunge in the sales domain make sure you can handle the pressure.

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