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Artist Jobs Application Tips

Published at 01/27/2012 15:07:10


With the job crisis in most countries, looking for a stable employment, even in an artist jobs line of work, is not easy. However, a report from the National Endowment for the Arts with data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics studies show that artistic careers for creative individuals like painters, architects and photographers are expected to increase by 2018. Even with the increase of employment rates, a stable and viable career as an artist will remain a cutthroat pursuit.

Step 1

When starting out as an artist, it is important to start young and start early. This means your home and work at school should already showcase your style, versatility and technicality. If the course permits it, with art courses like graphic design, multimedia and animators, you as an artist should already learn how to deal with clients and get freelance artist jobs.

Step 2

In order to get into artist jobs, it is important to be part of an artist community and have your work out there. Art communities are effective avenues to know the current trends and the upcoming and latest events, news, and call-outs for exhibitions. Learn how to collaborate. This broadens the network for you as an artist and an early preview of who you may get to work with. It is also important to have a circle of people who can critique your work constructively, and it is more convenient if the critic is knowledgeable and up to date regarding art and artist jobs.

Step 3

The most creative artist jobs that have a variety of opportunities within the art sector require a set of specific knowledge and skills. It is essential to determine which skills are in demand and learn if they fit into your abilities. You can also always enhance and develop skills and talents for self-improvement and opportunity advancement.

Step 4

One of the powerful tools in getting into artist jobs is your portfolio. When building your portfolio, it is advisable to only include your works. Remember an artist must have an individual style that is capable of being infused with other lines of work. However, it is important to not be too overexposed and be flexible.

Step 5

One of the problems with pursuing artist jobs is the low salary because there are no standard rates on how to price ideas. The thing about being in the corporate world is that work keeps coming, and there is a management, marketing and public relations team to handle the work with the client. If pursuing artist jobs as a freelancer, it is important to develop client skills. And with proper time management, this gives you as an artist more freedom to do your own work. The hard thing is how to establish the network. If a freelance artist relies on solely seasonal work, sometimes the integrity of the work is questioned.


Corporate works are usually project based and there is a team assigned to each projects. The key in the corporate world as an artist is to learn how to compromise without losing your identity. Good public skills and consistent communication is crucial in working with people. Doing artist jobs, you are often advised to learn how to translate your work from your head into a conversation or through visuals.

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