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What Are Human Jobs That a Computer Can't Do?

Published at 01/27/2012 00:40:22

Computers are known to do calculations at tremendous speeds. Computer memory is considered to be faster than human memory although humans are the creator of computer memory. Computers can do all kinds of analytical work but they cannot do everything. Computers have many limitations and they can’t do many human jobs.

A computer can’t do the work of a chef. It can’t do a cleaning and sweeping job. There are many jobs in the hotel industry that computers cannot do. Computers cannot stitch clothes, they cannot climb a staircase and cannot do construction work.

We all know that robots have computer like memory and they do jobs and functions that humans do but it all depends on what human jobs the robots are programmed to do. The cost of high-end robots is very high and it is impossible to bear such cost. Normal computers can’t do any human jobs other than computing work.

Computers can play games and they can easily defeat humans in various games but the brain behind the computer memory is of humans. Computers can process every move in a game such as chess, at a very fast pace.

Many human jobs are unique and cannot be done by the computers. Computers are machines and are programmed by humans to do specific things. Until and unless computers are programmed for a certain specialty, computers can’t perform human jobs.

Computer systems are operated by humans, until and unless a computer is instructed to do a certain type of work, it can’t perform it. There are times that computers malfunction and perform wrong jobs so they are not 100 percent trustworthy or accurate.


A computer cannot shift a table like humans. It cannot open a lock and cannot operate a TV, some people won’t agree with this but there is difference in computer system and robots. Remember, even robots have to be programmed to do human jobs.

Computers cannot paint the walls. They cannot write like humans because they don’t have hands but robots can be programmed to write. Computers can’t perform surgeries like doctors.

There are many human jobs which are beyond the scope of a normal computer system though robotic systems can be programmed to work like humans to some extent. Computers cannot get sexually aroused or reproduce like humans.

Computers are man-made and they only do things that a human wants them to do. A computer can’t sleep. Computers can’t do labor work like humans. Computers can’t do mining work and they can’t work in very high temperatures.

Computers can’t wash or design clothes. Computers can’t even design jewelry. Computers do have software for designing but instructions are given by humans.

Tips and comments

There is difference between a normal computer system and robotic systems. Remember, only for a valid input one can get a valid output from the computer, the input has to be provided by a human. Many human jobs are very strenuous and can’t be done by the computers; normal computers are used only for computing.