What Are the Top Paying Jobs in Travel Industry?
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What Are the Top Paying Jobs in Travel Industry?

Published at 01/26/2012 23:19:27


What Are the Top Paying Jobs in Travel Industry?

Jobs in travel have become a popular demand among people, as they not only provide money but also an opportunity to see the world for adventure lovers. Those looking for jobs in travel can choose from a wide range of varieties.


What Are the Top Paying Jobs in Travel Industry?

Perhaps the most common among jobs in travel is that of an air host and hostess. Once an airline hires you after a study course of the job, you get to go on board hosting flights. If you opt for international flights you get to visit all parts of the world along with earning good money. Another common job is as a travel guide. It involves visiting a region or a city and getting to know it defining features and places and core attractions and getting paid to share the information with other tourists that are visiting. Being an adventure guide is a similar job and involves instructing tourists and vacationers on how to rock climb for instance, or scuba dive and other such activities.


Another great option is to work on a cruise ship. The perk is that you get to live on board luxury cruise ship. Some popular and mainstream cruise lines introduced new ships in recent years launching about seventy four that are as good as being called floating hotels. These hire many employers and crew members to perform duties resembling those of a hotel or resort. The positions that are available to employers have a wide range of variety. They are categorized in levels like deck maintenance and ship officers. Also included in these are shop staff, tour guides, entertainers, waiters, bartenders and also fitness and recreation directors. Therefore, everyone interested is sure to come across some job that is of interest to them or suits their skills. Moreover, twenty three new ships are launching as per schedule in the coming three years or so. The cruise line has become a vast industry hiring 348,000 people paying $5.7 billion in the form of wages. There has been an evident increase in passenger flow in recent years with 12.6 million people in North America recorded to have been taken cruise trips. Furthermore, the industry is responsible for adding seventeen new ports in the United States including New York, Baltimore, Charleston and New Orleans. The industry is growing tremendously and it is a perfect opportunity to make use of it for those who are interested in getting jobs in travel.

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These and many other available jobs in travel come with many perks. You not only earn a substantial, more than enough amount, but you also end up saving from your pay since your basic expenses are covered by the cruise line; for instance the your accommodation, meals throughout the day and medical care. Moreover, you have the added benefit of not having to pay taxes on the part of your income that has been earned on cruise ships, which applies to only a few certain countries. Traveling in style along with a free pass to foreign trips is definitely a job worth trying.