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Driver Jobs in New York

Published at 02/05/2012 22:07:43


In these days finding a job in New York is getting harder and without a bachelor’s degree, that would definitely make your life easier and it will help you get a good steady job, your driver’s license may prove helpful. There are plenty of driver jobs available in New York, most of them are in the taxi industry.
New York City is famous in the whole world for its landmarks, history and for the New York City yellow cabs.
Being a taxi driver in New York its not an easy task, not everybody can do it, first of all you have to get a license and for this license you have to know the geography of the city pretty well. There are a lot of landmarks in NYC and a lot of hospitals, hotels, schools and if you are a foreigner it might take a while until you learn all the important places in NYC.When you open the paper and look at the job section you will find a lot of driver jobs and surely you will see an ad from a taxi company.


Being a cab driver in New York is not easy but it can be very rewarding and it is one of the easiest driver jobs you can find in NYC. There are many people that earn there leaving from being a cab driver in the Big Apple and because of the huge number of people working as drivers new workers are always needed. New York has thousands of cabs and their number is increasing every year, there is a huge demand for cab drivers and there are plenty of people who get their taxi license.
The best thing about being a cab driver in a big city like New York can bring you a lot of revenue. It’s a lot of hard work but you are your own boss and the income is proportional to your work.
There are other ways to use your driver’s license to make money in the Big Apple. There are a lot of famous and rich people living in New York so there is a big demand of limousine drivers. This can be one of the most entertaining driver jobs you can find. There are many limo companies that are looking for new employees every month. Being a limo driver it’s not easy but it’s well paid and it has a lot of benefits, driving a very expensive car also brings a lot of responsibility. Getting a job as a limo driver might be harder then getting your taxi license because the hiring companies have all sorts of requirements, good looks and charisma will help a lot.


If you look in the newspaper you will also find a lot of driver jobs that are truck related. For professional drivers NYC offers a lot of opportunities; of course driving a truck is harder then a cab or a limousine but there is a large demand for truck drivers.
New York can provide a lot of jobs for people that don’t have a bachelor’s degree; it seems that all you need for getting a job in this amazing city is a driver license

Tips and comments

Before applying for the taxi license be sure you to learn all the important locations in New York.

If you have an interview for a limousine company try to look sharp and be well mannered, good charisma will help you during the interview.

A driving job might help you in obtaining the resources need for your own business.


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