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The ultimate goal after finishing ones education is to seek a career. Seeking a career is largely dependant upon the skills and subjects that a person has studied throughout his life and in which he wishes to specialize. An accounting student searches for a job in a bank or a multi national company, a media studies student looks for a career in a print or electronic media organization, a student of sciences goes to serve his skills in a medical institution or hospital similarly a environmental jobs are available for environmental studies students. The environmental jobs are very conducive and provide a versatile opportunity to the students to boost their skills and abilities through that platform.


Environmental jobs are always responsible in maintaining a secure career for many people nowadays. In olden times, environmental science was not considered as a crucial and important subject and very few students opted for it. Also there were no jobs available for these students as the subject was not recognized. Slowly, the science and technology improved and this subject became a major part of the curriculum in all institutions. Subsequently, there was an increase in the job facilities available in the market. In the current scenario, environmental science has a huge scope and many students are encouraged to take it as their major subject in universities and colleges.


There are a number of options available for environmental science students in the field of career. He can act as an environmental consultant. Such a job requires the consultant to work in the fields where noise, air and water pollution is prevalent, like in industrial zones. He can also become the environmental education officer. In this post he has to visit different schools, colleges, universities and organization to create awareness about the importance of protecting our environment. He can act as an environmental manager who works in an organization to train the staff and people there to serve towards the environmental factors. Becoming a recycling officer can also be a good job in which the person can help in reducing the disposal of waste material and create awareness about recycling. He can also promote the process of recycling in the society. Another efficient job is that of a water quality scientist who ensures that the quality of water is maintained by proper channelizing of water resources and filtration of bacteria and harmful chemical from the water. A very constructive job is that of a landscape architect who designs different areas and lodgings in accordance with maintaining healthy environmental conditions in the society. So, these environmental jobs aid at improving the standard and position of the person.

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Thus, as we can see the environmental jobs not only enhance the career of the people but also contribute to a healthy environment as well. The jobs that enable people to eradicate environmental issues like pollution, wasting of garbage etc. They assist in creating awareness among the people about the importance of environment and its effects on the people and the society in which they live.

By Sidra Rana, published at 02/05/2012
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