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How To Find Well Paying Jobs Admin

Published at 02/07/2012 16:55:22


When it comes to finding the best paying jobs in the Administration profession, it is all about finding the right company in the right business sector. You may find that two people have the same job description but there is a wide difference in their salaries. This is largely due to the simple fact of which company or organisation that they are working in. finding well paying jobs admin is therefore a bit of a challenge especially if you are still new to the industry. You will therefore need to take note of a few things before you start applying for well paying jobs admin.

Step 1

There are a lot of well paying jobs admin but the question is, how do you get one? A great example would be an Administrative assistant to a financial broker, due to the fact that brokers themselves earn a commission based salary and if you and your broker work hand in hand in getting the best clients the potential of you in this particular admin job can earn up to a six figure salary.

Step 2

Jobs admin that require you to work over time are the ones that pay really well. This is because employees understand that there is a great level of work that needs to be done and the normal working hours are just not enough, hence overtime is introduced with additional payment options. You get such kinds of jobs in the banking sector and insurance. If you become an underwriting specialist, you will be doing a lot of admin duties and such type of a job pays well especially if you are working overtime.

Step 3

Another important factor to consider when looking for jobs admin is geography. Most jobs admin in larger cities generally pay more than those of smaller towns. It would also be of great help to find a job in admin that will not require you to travel a lot to get to and from work, as travel costs might reduce your net income at the end of the day.

Step 4

To find such well paying jobs admin you need to advertise your skills or register with high profile recruitment agencies. They will find for you the best jobs admin in your local area.

Step 5

The best way to find a well-paying jobs admin is to look for a position as a Personal Assistant. These Assistants are not restricted to doing office work during office hours, their job description involves running around and doing not only business errands but private errands too on behalf of their bosses.


 As demanding as this admin job is, the pay benefits are the best. PAs for senior managers earn quite a lot of money because of the nature of their job. They are respected in the company they know a lot of private information about the company. They also attend important business meetings and take minutes. They also communicate with other senior managers from other companies on behalf of their bosses. To apply for this particular job you need the right admin qualifications and experience.

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