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Published at 02/17/2012 15:50:16


There are many reasons a person may need to look for a job that offers hours later in the day. Evening jobs are great for students who are in classes all day long. Many parents split shifts. One person works during the day while the other sticks with evenings jobs so that one parent is always at home with the children. Some people pick up evening jobs in addition to the work they do during the day in order to have more income entering their household. Regardless of the reason why a person needs to find evening jobs, there are many options available to those who desire this schedule.

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1. Most restaurants offer evening jobs. Fast food chains, diners, family style restaurants, fine dining establishments, coffee shops and ice cream parlors are just a few of the different food related businesses that are typically open late. Become a waiter, waitress, barista, chef, hostess or manager at one of these establishments. Turn over is high in the restaurant industry so finding work in the field is generally fairly quick and easy.

2. Become trained to work in the medical field. Hospitals need staff of every hour of the day. Doctors, nurses, janitors, receptionists, cafeteria workers and more work around the clock. Find out what positions are in high demand and become certified in that area.

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3. Find evening jobs in the entertainment industry. Bars are in need of bartenders, bouncers, cashiers, cocktail waitresses and dishwashers late into the night. Those that are daring may wish to consider becoming a dancer in a nightclub. The pay is great for the amount of hours worked each week.

4. Evening jobs are typically available in the retail industry. Many shopping centers and grocery stores are open late. Some big box stores are even open twenty four hours a day. Cashiers, stockers, baggers and managers are all hired frequently throughout the year. The need for these workers increases during the holiday season.

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5. There is a large demand for people to clean offices after hours. Office cleaning services go in to buildings when the workday is finished to do the cleaning. If there aren't services hiring for these positions in your area, consider starting your own business. Set your prices slightly lower than the competition and win new customers over with your enthusiasm, strong customer service skills and high quality work. Being your own boss is one of the best evening jobs to have. Fees to start and maintain a cleaning business are usually minimal.


Ask friends, family and others you encounter for tips on finding evening jobs. Once others know you are looking, they will keep their eyes and ears open for you. They may even have a hot tip or job lead to offer right away. Consider investigating career options that allow you to work from home. This way you can work the hours that are convenient for your schedule without worrying about the shifts an employer has available each week. Some great work at home opportunities where you can be your own boss include freelance writing, telephone customer service representatives and in-home childcare providers.


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